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  1. After all the riff raff he was sayn on the last forum I just had to ask
  2. Aw are you salty that a dog with glass was right ?
  3. How did your cro tast this mornin
  4. I mean js this a real question , corgisor camven wins big time
  5. Kicker and defense most have staid in the fild house
  6. Word on the skreet is Tkl gormis actually showed up
  7. Maybe the rest of shelbison county will get sum verizon LTE
  8. I dint think it could get much wors then possumtrodle but you proved me wrong
  9. 1 guy in Possimtrot must just be bored an makking lots of accounts
  10. Gilbert Wants to clarify he is not envolved in all these Shelbynverl trol accounts , that haev all recently been maid in the past 24 hours
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