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  1. I would rather have squared up with newton , not much to learn from an easy W and a lot to learn from a hard fought L
  2. 1. If you could relive one season, which year and which team? 09 Joaquin season 2. Which stadium have you not been to that is on your bucket list? Allen 3. What is your favorite place to go eat on away games and where is it? Waffle House 4. Are you a fan of inflatable tunnels? Yeah 5. Which team has the best mascot? Progreso red ants 6. What team do you like to follow the most other than your own? Every East Texas team 7. If you could change 1 rule in txhsfb, what would it be? Fine the way it is 8. If your school played an out of state team, which state would you want to play? All the teams I want to see Joaquin play are in the state of Texas 9. Do you like spring ball or should teams just have the extra time in the fall? 10. Do you like the rule that district champions get to host a playoff game? No 11. Should semifinal games rotate regions every year (ex: 1vs3, 2v4) ? Yes 12. Which team has the best uniform? Lufkin
  3. What’s Joaquin’s pre-district looking like
  4. What is your teams full schedules , scrimmages , pre district , and district
  5. West Hardin got put in a raunchy district
  6. Word on the street is newton wants to play Joaquin week 5
  7. Art Briles gonna be Garrisons new HC
  8. Very interesting game . I just think EB will be a little too much
  9. I’m gonna go with springtown for the upset
  10. Well the Joaquin team That likes making game changing mistakes and disappointing their fans showed up .. Joaquin should have beat up on groveton . They kinda a one trick pony
  11. Well if y’all Are the one that makes it I hope for some East Texas success .i just think Harleton is gonna come fully prepared
  12. Btw congrats on hanging 84 points on Normangee how impressive. Most middle schools can do that.. ima start calling y’all the San Augustine can crushers
  13. What happens when that offense gets shut down . Y’all aren’t impossible to stop . Just Ask mason
  14. SA’s defense is suspect and Harleton is one of those teams that keeps pounding and never quits . Just don’t know if SA can hold up to it
  15. It’s gonna be cold be sure to bring plenty of blankets
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