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  1. Pretty big jump for him to have gone from OC @ 2A D1 to AD/HC @ 4A D1. I wonder if he's a top candidate for the Rivercrest job?
  2. Well it's one way or the other. Who knows, maybe this time it'll be traveling South to Lone Oak/Grand Saline.
  3. So we'll get the band back together - Chisum/Prairiland/Cooper
  4. He "pulled himself out of consideration" when they didn't consider him for the job!!
  5. Honestly, they've had to know for the last few years he was going to leave soon. Rumor 2 years ago was that he was a candidate for MV prior to them hiring Briles.
  6. You’re right this isn’t Allen, SLC or Carthage, this is small town Texas. That Emergency Meeting can take place at 2 different places - the local coffee shop in the morning or church on Sunday!!
  7. With growth pushing out that way, it’s just a matter of time before they have that talent.
  8. I would imagine it would be a young up and coming coordinator most likely, one that will keep a lot of things similar. You'd like to think that someone from around the general area would be good for it, but Paris runs a totally different system and there's not much at the other surrounding schools. So they'll probably have to venture out a little on this one.
  9. That may be true, but if the board is going to let a new superintendent lead them in a search for that AD/HC, then you are putting the kids and coaches at a disadvantage in getting prepared for the upcoming season.
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw it on their website. How long has the Supt position been posted? Waiting this long is going to get you a fill-in AD again and a young coordinator as the FB HC. Almost makes you think the Board might be planning something like that anyway by drawing it out for so long.
  11. School website has it all laid out. Application deadline 1/31 1st Round Interviews 2/8-12 2nd Round Interviews 2/22-26 Lone Finalist names 3/14 Anticipated Hire Date 4/6
  12. I'm sure where he lives probably had something to do with it too, not having to pack up the house and make life crazy is always a plus. Along with that, doing it to the tune of the same salary is always a good thing.
  13. Looks like the OC Willard just got the nod as the AD/HC at MV
  14. Stepp just tweeted that it's down to a Texoma Assistant and an East Texas HC.
  15. Did they not bring in any transfers to run the JV last year?!?!
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