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  1. Ehhhh. Give Waskom some credit. We'd keep it a 30 pointer
  2. Well glad he didn't get kicked off, but that dude was flat-footed let's not get too carried away. Good pop tho.
  3. They are not allowed to show their face after last week.
  4. Heard star RB got kicked off the team. Any word on if that's true and why?
  5. Your best player was out first half of Waskom game too. What's the deal?
  6. Waskom by however much the 2nd and 3rd string QB's want it to be. Should pull up some linemen to rest all starters the second half imo
  7. Pewit out-physicals them, think their D can hold up. Bulls by 5
  8. #11 was a lot like Junebug, 4 people around him and no one could touch him
  9. I really thought it would be a close game. Waskom played the best game of the season by a long shot, complete game except for 2 drives right after halftime. If we keep it going like this, could be a good run like last year.
  10. Prayers for 17. He's really hurting after that hit on KOR, pretty sure headed to hospital
  11. Actually it's snapper holder duo @EasyTheGreat don't say if your not watching
  12. Wooooooo! Limousine ridin', Jet flying son of a gun Go Pewit!
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