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  1. raiders win this one hugely. keep sleeping on them there Raiders. they gon wake some of you up. Guaranteed
  2. this won’t be a game… 2nd string should get plenty of reps.
  3. wr by 21 Mineola ain’t got nuthin. Couldn’t even beat a weak Canton team
  4. dont think Minneola D will be able to stop wr offense
  5. you’re a bigger sore loser than the players y’all had on the field tonight.
  6. tried to tell all U haters… Scabine got thumped like no other tonight n it should’ve been worse.
  7. have they really? haven’t they only made the playoffs once this century I mean dadgum
  8. I’ll put it this way sabine never came close to beating us when I played. They were softer than a dang ol baby’s butt
  9. a can of whoop- is fixing to be opened on them there Redbirds
  10. a slaughter is brewing in the midst. It will be uglyyy tomorrow night for those there redbirds
  11. we are better, faster, more talent, and now more experienced.
  12. lately is past tense u will see what happens in the near future it will be ugly
  13. might be close for a half, then Waskom wins by 28
  14. wr fixing to clip some wings, then fry up the red birds. Wr by 28.
  15. wr by at least 21. Game won’t be close.
  16. Is this @WhitePrivileged01 guy the one I been hearing from Morris County that likes things in and around his mouth? From the male species.
  17. Wascum and df both gonna choke this year. Heard it here first
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