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  1. They moved Ohio State to third so Clemson and Notre Dame didn’t get matched up again because no one would watch! Be tuff to get sponsors for the televised game. All about money!
  2. Neither championship will be worth watching! Alabama will destroy Norte Dame and Clemson will destroy Ohio State. A&M could destroy either underdog teams. The first time ever an SEC team with a 8-1 record against SEC teams that didn’t make it into the playoffs. All politics. I truly believe if Ohio State had only played 3 games they could still get voted in!
  3. Going with Texas High and that monster offensive line! The defense is good as well. Fast to the ball and loves to put pressure on quarterbacks! Best team they have had in years! Taking Texarkana by 14. Maverick Nation saying Roll Tigers!
  4. Roll on Pine Tree!!! Maverick Nations pulling for you!!!
  5. Well played game Nacogdoches! The better team is moving on! Good luck against Huntsville!
  6. I truly believe it’s all about daddy ball this year. Griedl is a far better athletic director than he is coach. He has a gift of gab and knows how to bring money in and spends it even better! We may not have much of a program but man look at those fields, courts, weigh rooms, etc! Glad this painful season is over!
  7. After watching every game Marshall has played and watching Nac vs Texarkana my heart wants to go with the MAVS but due to the offensive Marshall line that spends more time standing and looking around with their hands on their hips than blocking anything and Marshall being heavy out coached I must pick Nacogdoches! I really hope I’m wrong but don’t think so! For what it’s worth, Go MAVS!
  8. Is there going to be streaming for this game?
  9. This football team really needs to play someone. They never play well after a week off. I got tickled after the MP game coach Griedl was interviewed and made the comment that they need to fix the OL. Don’t believe y’all know how to fix that bunch. You’ve had what 7 games with very little success. Try putting a sophomore OL in. Couldn’t hurt. What your doing is not working now anyway. It’s really a shame the defense is playing so well and has been improving weekly but very very little help from the offense which as gone down hill almost weekly. A team means a team effort from everyone. 100% eve
  10. Not sure about this OC. Very little makes sense with our offense. They were doing well on short 5 to 8 yard passes and all of a sudden they quit doing that. There is talent on the offense but for some reason the offensive line can’t block. It looks like every offensive snap of the ball is going to be a screen pass. Bump and release the rushers. We could actually put the jr. high offensive line in and do just as good. When the rush is coming and all the defense is chasing our running backs, and quarterback around in the backfield and you have 5 linemen standing there with their hands on their h
  11. https://c.streamhoster.com/embed/media/WasBNW/OkdiSASLs2B/r/kmht
  12. Well Nacdragon07 I hate to say it but our coaching staff for some reason insist on doing the same! Logic tells you when your up against a monster offensive line you go with 4 down linemen but It appears Marshall coaches always want to wait till half time to switch to four. This coaching staff this year is operating with a huge question mark over them! I know there’s talk about town on the quality of them and how the kids are buying into this program. It is a for certain the facility is improving but the team is steadily going south! This was a predominately senior team this year and was predi
  13. I’m a hard core Very long time Maverick fan but I just don’t see Marshall winning without an offense. If you look at them you have an undersized QB that’s not mobile, you have an offensive line that can’t block, and you have a center that you never know where the snap is going. That adds up to no run game without blocking, timing of you plays are thrown off due to high and low snaps, and no time to find an open receiver due to rush and the wild snap. How you gonna put points on the board? I’m sorry to say these things but facts are facts! With all this being said I still believe they can win b
  14. Well once again another terrible game plan. Not sure what is up with the coaching. Trying to take on this offensive line with 3 down linemen most of the game. On defense never making an adjustment with basically 3 plays ran over and over off the left side with no answer. The offensive line has got to be the worst Marshall has had in many years. If there is any talent there it’s not being shown. Even Hallsville and Mount Pleasant at least put points on the scoreboard against Texas High. Without a mobile QB Marshall’s season is over before it starts. It really appears not only the players but th
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