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  1. AMEN!!! Well said!! Let's go RABBS!!!
  2. KPYN.net will give the game highlights and some of the stats.
  3. Very well said!!! Gets old with that constantly being brought up.
  4. This could be one heck of a game. NB only had 122 total yards and 99 yards rushing on offense in the game last night.
  5. I was impressed with how he looked against RW. Hope he gets some more playing time against NB.
  6. Can't wait to listen to the 3A show. You guys put out a great show, really enjoy listening to it!!!
  7. Well said. We are know for our speed. Look at our track program. We are a state contender every year. Speed might not make us a great football team but it sure doesn't hurt. Never heard anyone say if they didn't have so much speed they would be a better team.
  8. I think this should be a pretty good game. Should be a good test to see where we are as a team. We will have to play a complete game or it could get ugly.
  9. I agree 100%....I know what I hope to expect.
  10. Our secondary needs some work. The front 7 is better than last year for sure. Gilmer had big athletic front on both sides of the ball so it's hard to tell exactly what we have up front on both sides of the ball. If woods is going to be our quarterback we need to run a quicker pass game to get the ball out of his hands. He can throw the ball around but he can't hold on to it like we did against Gilmer. Get it out quick and use our speed on the outside.
  11. Atlanta gets some things figured out this week and pull out the win in a tight one.
  12. I definitely think we will get it together and put together a great season. Can be hard to tell what we really look like against a good gilmer team.
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