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  1. I have to disagree on this one. Last years Poteet team was a monster team. They just had some bad coaching mistakes, and some bad luck. That team could hang with or beat most 6a teams on any givin friday. It just wasnt in the cards. They whipped several 6a teams that year and had most of the starters out by halftime. Only 3 games that season did the starters play past the 3rd quarter. As far as JTyler they had a very good team last year and could have beat those teams in 6a on any givin Friday. JTyler came into its stride late in the season. Now in the playoffs both Poteet and Jtyler hit the guantlet, Jtyler having the better run. Last years 5a was a much tougher throughout the entire Region. This year was not on the same level.
  2. Because on the required snapshot deadline date, they showed to be above the cutoff. Some weeks later the true number showed to be under. Hence {Snapshot}. They had the option to contest it, they chose to stay. As in my opinion they will stay again. They will not split the two schools. Its stupid on their part, in my opinion, but since when do school districts use logic. 2 years ago if they would have stayed down with that team, wow!
  3. First hand knowledge ,they were 50 below of what was turned in last time. They stayed up without contesting it. They will stay up more than likely. They wont split up West Mesquite and Poteet.
  4. Its not set in stone that Poteet will drop to D2. They have been under the D1 limit by 50 the last 2 years. The AD may keep the 2 mesquite schools together.
  5. If Poteet does go down, they are going to be hard to beat at D2.
  6. From my understanding, he had a injury, I think he will be back this week.
  7. Poteet 3rd Pic of the night. WM 31- Poteet 17 2 minutes left
  8. Mcgowen is out. Plus Poteet is throwing pics, snapping over heads, penalties ect, ect, Generally bad play. Both teams are playing bad. Ugly game.
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