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  1. Since both teams beat us I'll try and give my non biased opinion. What makes the comparison difficult is how different the PG offense is from both Gilmer and CM so that makes evaluating their defense against the opposing offense difficult but I'll try. First- the CM QB is their best player. I think he is also better than the Gilmer QB - but not that Gilmer QB is not good. Both teams have very good players at QB. I just think the CM QB is a bit better and is more well rounded. I do think that the Gilmer receives are much better than the CM receivers. I think they are more likely to m
  2. Nick Martin - PG - Very athletic and going to do very well on next level - kid will hit you and hit you hard
  3. PG is probably the second best team in state in Div 2 - but as things are look to be a far step behind Carthage. It's one of those things that if they play 100 times PG wins maybe 10ist times. The goal for PG this year should be to get back to state - make it 4 years in a row. Let it all hang out and see what happens and if they get the breaks in state. If they do, then great, but if not - hold their heads high as they have accomplished much... I think Gilmer has a chance against PG - probably better than PG against Carthage. But if Carthage plays it best game it beats PG and i
  4. Carthage is probably better than Argyle - but PG will play a different game against them. Unless PG makes mistakes - they will keep this game close.
  5. I think this game will be like last year - it will be close but Carthage will pull away in the 4th - maybe 28-14 or 35-21. PG has to limit the deep pass and control the clock like 2018 and that gives them the chance for an upset.
  6. This issue boils down to defense - until Gilmer plays good defense against a good team they will be on the outside looking in. They may surpass PG this year and could beat Carthage - but they will have to play good defense and they have not yet wowed anyone with their defense. They will score some but unless they can stop Carthage they can't stay in the game. Carthage will win pulling away.
  7. Carthage in a good game - Gilmer has given up I think 136 points in 4 games - that's not going to cut it against the better teams in the state. They will score a few big plays but inability to stop good teams means your offense is on the sidelines and your team gets tired. 49-27
  8. Going to be a quick game with plenty of speed. I think the game boils down to can PG stop any deep passes off of play action from Paris and can PG's running game grind it out against Paris.
  9. He looks good - but if you watch this a few times you see that most of his big runs (breaking tackles, jukes) are against much inferior opponents. Against kids his own size / speed he went down on first contact quite a bit. He is dominating his competition but it's hard to tell how good he will really be without knowing his level of play. For instance - look at the 3:00 mark - he is much larger than the opponents DL. Could be good - just don't know...
  10. Look at PG's pre-district schedule. Should rack up some frequent flyer miles!
  11. Carthage in Region 3 - PG in Region 2 - so maybe meet up in State this year??? Poor North Lamar - they won't sniff a win in district this year....
  12. Interesting take - Probably the greatest thing about HS sports is it the last level that heart and soul play a more important role than talent in determining the outcome of a game. You take a team w/ average talent and great heart and a team with great talent and attitude and effort issues and the team with great heart will win most every time. I say that because we are now looking at a game with two teams that seem to have heart in spades. So when evaluating this game I go back to last years championship game to get an idea on who is going to win. Last year, both PG and Cuero wer
  13. Pulling for Carthage!! Hope the defense can show up because that's the key...
  14. Well - After watching film here are my thoughts: (for anyone who cares ) 1. Wimberley would not be here if they weren't good - so expecting a 55-14 blowout by PG is unrealistic 2. The Texans QB is good - just not sure if he is better than the SV QB - the issue being competition and how hard it is to really tell how good each region is until the season is done - he has some really good numbers but is that a result of funneling and low quality opposition? Don't know yet.... 3. Texans defense does not look to be the best that PG has faced this year - so do not expect PG to
  15. After looking at film of Greenwood - not sure that they are better than SH. I thought Sunnyvale was better than SH because of their LB and QB play (though SH has a good QB as well). But I don't see anything on Greenwood that makes me think they would finish above SH in our district. Not knocking SH at all - I think they are a great program and will continue to improve. Just don't see anything on GW that scares me. As long as PG plays close to potential and does not make multiple stupid mistakes (penalties and TO's) this game won't be competitive at all. PG starts fast and rolls thr
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