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  1. Ortega

    2018 Newton vs 2005 Pewitt

    @Eagles97, at the moment, no, lol. Your team saw to that in the first round. Y'all are so good it's borderline unfair.
  2. Ortega

    2018 Newton vs 2005 Pewitt

    Dictionaries aren't expensive...
  3. Ortega

    Pewitt vs Newton

    As bad as I want Pewitt to win, I'm not exactly holding my breath.
  4. Ortega

    “Stop and Watch Movies”

    Any of the Star Wars movies, or any of the Christian Bale Batman movies
  5. Ortega

    Queen City at Pewitt

    I don't see a way Pewitt loses this game.
  6. I'm probably in the vast minority, but I have actually enjoyed the new movies. Solo was a little "eh", but the rest were fantastic to me.
  7. I want Lewis to win, but I don't see Cormier losing this fight. It goes to the ground early and often, and DC retains.