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  1. Yea they need to clean up the holding could have been called nearly every down.but like you said officials walk on by
  2. I hope they think it's gonna be a cake walk
  3. Who won last year match-up between the two. I wouldn't count them out so fast
  4. Hope the official crew is better this week been garbage the past three weeks
  5. It's simple if you don't want to wear a mask dont go to the game's.
  6. It doesn't matter how many kids enrolled in school what matters is how many came out to play football
  7. He was doing good there doesn't seem to be athletic purposes to me
  8. #1 end up with 6 tds - the two called back
  9. Yes I know for a fact they have some good athletes and Lost alot of athletes to other schools. Because of the system
  10. Queen City has some good athletes it's just time to get rid of that good O boy system down there
  11. They will have to play the game it won't be given to them. Raiders all the way
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