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  1. Heard they play at 5:00 tonight in Tatum.
  2. My guess is that some coaches about to get the ax and get a few of his guys in for support.
  3. That is hilarious. If that was the case they would move a coach from within. Posted job says external applicants only. No way any coach worth his salt would come not being AD. Posting actually says girls coordinator assistance. Now tell me what coach would not want a job where he only had to worry about the boys side of athletics.
  4. Sounds like someone has a vendetta against Supt! Was told by someone who talked to Hylander that Supt offered him everything to stay. Said could bring in other coaches, wife a job, could step down and be DC to just keep him at school. That does not sound like Supt is the problem. Also everyone said same stuff before about how he was gonna bring in his guy. But look what he did, he kept the best man at the time for the job. Hylander was loved by the staff, kids and community. He chose to give him the chance because it was what was best for the kids.
  5. Was told its family decision by close source. Tatum did everything they could to keep him but could not change his mind. The community, staff, and admin loved him and thought he was the future
  6. I did not hear him audibly but visually I saw him kick our azz.
  7. @Eagleborn change it to Ho and you would sound like Santa Claus
  8. Yep. Would have been interesting to see how well those Berry half time adjustments would have worked if he had been 100%. QB2 running the read option was successful for sure but not sure they would have had as many chances to run it if Jones was not hobbled.
  9. Point is do not act like you defense has figured something out in the past 3 games. They played nobody and I would have to guess that 150 yards is probably above their season average. You are correct that you can not pick you district opponents but do not hand pick the last 3 games to judge how your defense has improved. The Helen Kellar school of the Blind could have held those teams to under 150 yards of offense. lol
  10. You must be talking about the 3 power houses of New Boston, Redwater and Hooks. Who are 0-10, 1-9 and 4-6 respectfully.
  11. Who said cake walk? But I will tell you that these cupcakes are a mouthful and you can get choked on them. Seen it first hand. I'm pulling for them! Go Eagles! I say Eagles win 35-14!
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