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  1. Idk if it would’ve made a difference but LE was definitely without 95% of their true varsity team.
  2. Saw a lot of heart from LE last night. Never gave up, just have to build off of what was done last night! Offensively they’re are not clicking, but when find they’re stride I think they’ll be fine. The athletes are always there. The defense has been on the field a lot this season. Big problem.
  3. A-High Qb was nice. Moved in and took the job. Heard he’s a top ten pitching prospect in the nation. You could definitely tell by the way he threw the ball. Receivers couldn’t handle the fire at all lol.
  4. LE lost this game cause of special teams . Point blank period. Gave 21 off of special teams. A-High got the ball inside the 30 all 3 times. Plus the 3 fake punts and extra point attempts. That’s not even counting the offensive turnovers LE had. LE definitely needs to work on the passing game. The QB switch was a interesting move.
  5. Just want to see LE improve from their first game mistakes. Too many fumbles, special team mistakes and penalties hurt them against A-High. A-High scored 3 times off of fumbles inside their own 30 smh. With that said, LE won’t back down for Carthage! Carthage in a close one .
  6. So since they are “struggling”, I guess 3-7 was a successful season too huh? Lol. Trust me, LE will be just fine. Don’t judge Coach King off of the toughest schedule in the state and with a new team. He will have them ready and back contending immediately. So don’t sleep on LE.
  7. He also Coached at Lindale
  8. I’m 95%positive the school might’ve released the info, more so concerning the board meeting next week. There was more than one media outlet with the info and much social media activity.
  9. LMAO yeah you got me there .
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