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  1. They may be better off if they just shut down the entire athletic department in QC. Save the taxpayers money or just use it on Ag, band and archery. Seems like that is the only things people can get behind there
  2. I heard the QC B-ball team had a game rained out last Friday night. Never in all of my life have I ever heard of that but there is a lot of stuff in that town that seems to amaze me.
  3. I'm hearing rumors that they may be losing some more kids. Some places can't help themselves.
  4. I don’t necessarily count wins and loses as a judge of a success either. I look at turnout and enthusiasm around the program. Some of these places took a nosedive in those categories.
  5. I would say there are several schools that took a turn for the worse with new people in charge. I can think of a couple that not only decreased their win total but had a lot fewer kids out this year. Sometimes admin just can’t help themselves but to mess up something that is headed in the right direction.
  6. For sure, especially the ones that won the 7 and under PeeWee championships in 2008.
  7. Now here is someone that wants to make something out of nothing.
  8. Yeah that place sounds like heaven compared to some places I've been.
  9. Figured with all of the concussions you've had you may have been a little foggy on the spelling
  10. Didn't take anything personal but you can go back to your trailer house and snack on your hot chips
  11. I heard he was starring on the Telford Units Penal team. Him and Tweeder ran in to some trouble after school.
  12. That right there is about as dumb as somebody saying they can grow an avocado tree in North East Texas!!
  13. I'll take some of what you are on!
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