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  1. I honestly think Winnsboro matches up pretty well against Pottsboro. Execute a similar game plan as the MV game and grind out 4-5 yards a play and convert drives into TDs. Potts has showed us they struggle against the run.
  2. Realistically it’s looking like Mineola (6-1), Potts (6-1), Winnsboro (5-2),MV (5-2) Ideally it would be MV (6-1), Minny (6-1), Potts (5-2), Winnsboro (5-2) I think MV has a chance to beat Potts, but we don’t have a lot of speed in the secondary. Wish we played a receiver or two in the secondary but Briles seems set in his ways.
  3. It would be! I just don’t want to see it round 1, I wanna see ATL or WO lol
  4. Gotta have this one! If not MV is looking at a 4th place district finish at 5-2. I think the Tigers can do what it takes to win, should be a great game
  5. Man that was tough. I give all the credit to the coaching and players from Winnsboro they showed they wanted it more and deserved to win. MV couldn’t stop the run and Winnsboro just killed them by getting 4 yards a play. As far as the kick being good or not I am still torn. I have watched so many different angles and watched it in slow mo and I just can’t tell. Every single player on the field for MV and Winnsboro thought it was a miss, it’s a tough one to swallow
  6. MV tries to make it 7 in a row vs Winnsboro!
  7. A 44-41 win over Denver City?? Lol get outta here. Agreed rankings don’t matter but it’s fun to see where others line you up at Yes computer rankings are better than what they have, might as well make MaxPreps the official one
  8. Glad GW finally got a little respect from them. Never thought I’d be wishing the AP poll was back in control of “official rankings”
  9. Did y’all see DCTF has Shallowater ranked #3 in 3A?? Somehow they jumped Malakoff after barely beating a mediocre team. DCTF is usually a pretty decent rankings but this is a joke. There are about 8 teams in region 2 that would beat Shallowater handily, they are not very good
  10. Tough to keep a job when you can’t even get your kids to show up to a game. ATL still has the horses where they should pull out the win, but who knows this year NB definitely has a good chance
  11. How about Mt Vernon, TX being the home of George Washington? Lol
  12. The second round of playoffs is always pretty good at stopping Jefferson
  13. Man I don’t even know on this one. I’m rolling with QC
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