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  1. 169 touchdowns, holy *** would be interesting to see his defensive stats too, hope someone offers the kid
  2. That’s weird. MV is selling actual tickets at the school and they are only $6.
  3. We will show up and take a shot at them. I imagine they will come in as 2TD favorites but I give us a punchers chance. Defense has been playing very well and improving. Offense definitely has the potential but has struggled the last two weeks. If we can get it to all click together then it should be a very good game.
  4. A win is a win. It was ugly but we are moving on! Congrats to Minny on a great season. Great job MV defense
  5. They burned us for 2 of their TDs last game with play action to Sneed and hitting Pendergrass over the top. I believe he had quite a bit more total yards than Sneed in our first matchup. Without the threat of a deep ball, it might be tough for Minny, but I’m sure they can plug someone in that can give that similar threat.
  6. What’s the over/under on Sneed’s carries? I’ll say around 35
  7. Hate to hear that! Pendergrass is a playmaker. Trevion will get his for sure, but if we sell out to stop the run and load the box I think we can slow him down. Going to have to live with the chance of deep passes over the top. Hopefully we can wear Sneed out with him playing both ways
  8. The threads are dead this week but it’s game day!! MV going to show Mineola that the first time wasn’t an accident.
  9. I think you need to rewatch the tape on the Mt Vernon Pottsboro game. They didn’t control the line of scrimmage and run it at us. They beat us in the air and qb scrambling making plays. Their RB had maybe 30-40 yards. Not a bad prediction on the game, should be a great one. I like MV of course, in a close one
  10. Potts and Winny are absolute opposites on offense. Mineola does run the ball very well, but when you can sell out to stop the run they can be slowed down. They scored 2 TDs off of play action to pendergrass for long TDs. I feel like you still have to sell out to stop the run and take your chances on their play action deep ball. With it being 3rd round of playoffs and atmosphere is heightened, and pressure is on, it makes it a little harder for most to throw the ball accurately. Especially when you don’t do it much
  11. A little surprised by the polls, but I’m rolling with Koff too. Last week was a huge statement IMO
  12. MV will have to play much better than they did vs. West to get the job done this time around. I’m not sure if we were looking ahead or what, but last week was not pretty. If MV is hitting on all cylinders, I like the Tigers in another battle
  13. Rematch baby!! If we play like we did tonight we are going to have problems. Big letdown after the Gladewater game
  14. Malakoff looks like a problem. I’m rolling with the tigers next week in the rematch. I expected Koff to win but wow
  15. Who’s the kid from Pottsboro that broke his foot at school today?
  16. @TxBroadcaster @Gsquared nice show! Just a heads up from MV, the running back #10 is not Holloman, the kid just took his number after he went out for the year with torn ACL. New running back is Jacob Marshall, the announcers must have had an old roster Friday because I heard them calling out Holloman too.
  17. Yeah me too. I didn’t make the post so i can’t edit it
  18. @GWBears01 @Eagleborn @Tatum_DirtyBird @Bclove05 @bearnation @Crawford @Golfingnut How come on some polls you can see who voted for who and others you can’t? Just curious
  19. Yessir go get em. They knocked out a really good MV team in 16-17 in the regional tournament, and then 17-18 we lost in the state final but never had to face them.
  20. In 2018 MV played Madison 2nd round and us from MV thought the same and were a little worried about athletes all over the field and we beat them 52-8. By this time of the year Madison is usually ready to play in pre-district basketball tournaments to go try to win state again. Cheering for the Jackets
  21. It was a good kick too, just a half a yard short
  22. Promise you whoever comes out of the top won’t be a blowout. Grandview and Malakoff better worry about Tatum and Pottsboro
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