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  1. My children will be taught by their parents. Period
  2. One thing for sure. Players like new coaches and are optimistic. The weightroom is much more structured and players say they are feeling better. Several players felt like previous regime played favorites and it showed when couple of players got conduct penalties and nothingn happened. Some athletes in the classroom are going to have to tighten up.
  3. At FW POLY and EASTERN HILLS if you win 4-6 games that is pretty impressive because they get stuck in bad districts and that is where to go if one wants to improve 5 year average salary. It would be over 70 stacks.
  4. 8 wins will get Chad Morris fired in Allen.
  5. Well, Castles has impeccable integrity and many schools would love that record but there were some serious problems. Not much in the way of discipline, not much in the way of care for success in the entirety of the whole athletic department. Castles may be intelligent, but it is a narrowly defined intelligence. As for Robinson, the problems at Crowley had more to do with an egomaniacal head caoch. Also, there were lots of schools that they could not compete with in their district.
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