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  1. Well defense has played better than expected this yr,young o line,sr qb in first yr at the position,but fast and a helluva overall athlete!two running backs have started for 3 years,starter is extremely fast and shifty and racks up the yards,top wr is a flat out stud but a lil undersized,but with that being said he will go d1,just a jr but has been on varsity since his freshman year!!Two very good linebackers!!I haven’t been to everything this yr due to covid and my youngest graduated last year!My oldest was qb 16,17,18 and youngest was qb last year 19’...So definitely been a lil different thi
  2. The basketball team got quarantined because of one player tested positive last week,was my understanding anyways!!!
  3. Hoping to make the game,good luck to the cougars!!!
  4. Don’t know much about pine tree besides watching game online last night,looks scrappy!If Nederland plays like they are capable of I see them winning but that’s why they play the game!!
  5. i do not know anything about jacksonville,but this nederland team is quick,small,and scrappy from what ive seen so far
  6. See you guys tomorrow,,regardless of outcome I pray no injuries and the boys leave it all on the field,,It’s time to play ball boys!!!!!Bring it and have fun!!!!
  7. Hey I understand,that’s how I feel as well,I’ll say this in most every district game our starting qb and rb didn’t play much after half,we could of beat teams way worse but our coaches will not run up a score on anyone!!!.I believe Marshall and Nederland can lose this game,gonna come down to who wants it more and who doesn’t turn the ball over!!JMO
  8. With that being said what about Marshall’s district.What team besides them are very good,id be willing to bet Png beats there #2 team by as many as RJ wants to Friday!!!By no means am I saying Nederland is a powerhouse I’m a realist!!!
  9. I would expect 15,000 plus at NRG for Nederland and PNG games!!!
  10. Without a doubt,same here.We are very beatable and I think y’all have the better team,healthy or not we are not a great team,just a scrappy team.im a realist and call it like I see it,gottahave that next man up mentality,this is what playoffs are all about,to be the man you gotta beat the man!!!Just wanna see a hard fought injury free game,no matter the outcome,both teams leave it all on the field,there is no tomorrow!!!!
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