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  1. Glad MV is the least favored. We seem to play better that way!! Should be a good game!!
  2. When you're an elite power house and play game after game with no competition, eventually someone will sneak up on you and pull an upset when least expected!!
  3. There was alot of talk from both sides going into this game. Since the game GW fans have been very respectful and I give them credit for that. It would have been a disheartening loss for either team.
  4. I would have to beg to differ on that one!
  5. Yep. Two to be exact. Lost one by a last second "controversial" field goal to Winnsboro and was driving on Pottsboro for the go ahead score with about 2 minutes left in the game and fumbled on Potts 20 yard line!
  6. What are your thoughts? Don't know much about West, but they put up alot of points in Bi-Dist game!!
  7. It's gonna be a tough row to hoe for all three of us!! Lol
  8. I'm hoping it Potts you pull the W out of!! Lol
  9. MV will need to find away to stop, or somewhat slow down, those beasts in Mineola's backfield!!
  10. Battle of the two remaining undefeated teams in 3a D1 District 5! Who will remain undefeated?
  11. I've been to George Washington's house!
  12. MV should get the win. I'm predicting offense will be back on track this week and hopefully we've worked out some of the kinks in the defense.
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