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  1. Nah, not me. I fight. Better ask ya boy Zach Bell cause he didn’t want none either. Again I was the only black male manager on the evening shift there, jus to simplify it for you. So ain’t no need of banning.
  2. My mistake, jus knew those guys were very very close. I appreciate the correction
  3. Makes you appreciate life a little more each time you watch the movie and to actually research the man himself was an honor. My love for fries grew exponentially. The world will be a colder place without him.
  4. Saw this on the news yesterday and shed tears. From San Augustine and Marshall
  5. Oh yea btw, Alto had those Thacker boys too right? Killers on the field. Some dang great football.
  6. Thank you redfly at least someone has sense and facts to backup what they say
  7. But im gonna leave this alone cause I’m sure someone will (get this) cry wolf and try to get me banned lmao.
  8. Still can’t debunk the point of not being lucky getting that chip in football in 03. I was spitting facts in 15-17 when I managed that Whataburger in your town wearing my red and black jus like I am now. You didn’t do anything about it then like you won’t now. Luck had nothing to do with it.
  9. Honestly, luck had nothing to do with it. Those guys went 12-3 in arguably the best district in 2A football then. Garrison won undefeated yeah sure. Then us and then the Patrick Earl led Timpson Bears in third. Our only loss in district that year was to Garrison and someone correct me if I’m wrong, by the score of 35-12. We avenged one of our earlier losses to the Foreman Bros led CC Bulldogs who were coming off great years with those guys, and I can’t remember who the third loss was to. But u mix all that up and none of it amounts to being lucky. Dang sure wasn’t lucky to beat an undefeated
  10. Dang can we leave the past in the past? Stop tryin to pour gas on a fire. Do the Rams have one in football? I’m serious, not asking to be funny.
  11. Not everybody from Sa is whining about a loss or the refs so-called “blown” or no calls. Some people actually kno how to be humble and take losing as a lesson. Especially since we were the ones to jump out to a lead at FIRST. it was our game to lose and I would expect that if the shoe was on the other foot, we would’ve been the ones to capitalize and it wouldn’t be a discussion right now. It was a great game, two tough teams fighting for the chance at the dance. I never whine, AINT make excuses, but will never doubt or down my young guys for doin what they have done these past three or four se
  12. Half of the folks talking down on our young men probably didn’t even play or couldn’t play, but it doesn’t matter now. They can join the commentators in 9 months when they have Refugios babies. 4eva love my team, my city and that red black and white. We will be back.
  13. WP76, bro it’s like as soon as folks found out we would be playing this game tonight, they talked about us losing and just giving up. Hometown folks ya kno and it’s very sad. Never have I ever thought that another team was better and not give 110%, why else do we play the game? The next 24 minutes will be remembered for years to come. I jus feel it it my that our guys got this. Never doubted one iota this season. Like our old shirts say, Can’t Hide That Wolfpack Pride!!!!
  14. Ya know what #### though? Having people from your own town doubt the young men who will represent the town. It’s not fair to the guys, coaching staff and/or the city itself. I wish people did take it as an honor and privilege like I did...nothin better than putting on that jersey and going to war for the guys beside u and the city that raised u. And if I had to go out, it would be on my shield. No retreat, no backing down because to win the prize, you have to take on all comers. Proud of these young men no matter what.
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