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  1. District 10-5A II Update – This weeks scores: Huntsville 49 Lake Creek 14 Montgomery 42 Lamar Consolidated 31 A&M Consolidated 51 Fulshear 0 The big game of the week saw Huntsville easily handle Lake Creek. The top 4 in this district have clinched playoff berths. Current Rankings 1. Huntsville 7-0, 4-0 2. Montgomery 6-2, 4-0 3. A&M Consolidated 7-2, 3-2 4. Lake Creek 6-3, 3-2 -------------------------------------- 5. Bryan Rudder 5-3, 1-3 6. Fulshear 4-4, 0-4
  2. Which is the way it was going to go all along. I’ve had Lufkin in the 4th spot all year. No sure thing though because Waller can definitely win that game.
  3. Yes, the Mexia explanation was posted above and is a total joke and shows that Mexia doesn’t give a #### about their students. One student has a positive test for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate and everybody loses. Panic and Fear win again.
  4. Crockett was going to lose big anyway. This way, Crockett ISD can say they care more about their students health than football. Waiting for a big favorite to forfeit.
  5. Does that mean another Marshall/ Huntsville matchup?
  6. District 10-5A II Update – This weeks scores: Bryan Rudder 35 Fulshear 14 Montgomery 38 A&M Consolidated 14 Lake Creek 46 Lamar Consolidated 0 The big game of the week saw Montgomery easily handle A&M Consolidated. I’m not surprised that the Bears won, but didn’t expect such a convincing victory. The top 4 in this district are set at this point. The order is still to be determined as there is a big game matchup on each of the next 3 Friday nights. Montgomery has an opportunity to win the District if they can knock off Huntsville. Cur
  7. Palestine thought they had a fumble at the 14 yard line but the player was ruled down. Unsportsmanlike foul on Palestine. 1st down at the 7
  8. Huffman was in trouble with a 3rd and 8 from the 3 yard line and they get a 47 yard pass play to midfield. Play of the game.
  9. Palestine can’t move the ball. Huffman defense is tough. Punt to the Huffman 1 yard line. 6:28 to go.
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