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  1. Mount Pleasant vs. Huntsville should be a good one. Both teams undefeated.
  2. You should see the teams on the SHSU softball schedule. Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, A&M, Baylor, Houston, La-Lafayette. Brutal.
  3. Yea, we’ve had some barn burners this weekend. Can anybody keep it within 30? The last game of the year should be a better game.
  4. Most of Crosby’s offensive playmakers are also Seniors this year. And I’m quite happy about that.
  5. If they have only thrown 12 passes all year, then probably no. I think it’s Live or Die.
  6. I read somewhere that Liberty Hill had only thrown 12 passes all year.
  7. Yes I think Crosby wins next week and gets to the Final. Aledo going to have a fight tonight with Lovejoy.
  8. Crosby definitely has the athletes to beat FB Marshall. But they will need 1. Dunn to play, and 2. Win the turnover battle again. I think if those things happen, they win. FB Marshall will still be considered a 10 point favorite in this game.
  9. Well, I don’t think Huntsville wanted to leave Crosby any time left. The kicker is normally pretty good. They got the ball to the Crosby 30, but then couldn’t get it any closer after a few incompletions. The real time blunder was the delay of game on the 47 yard FG on the last play of regulation. How does that happen? On the prior Hornet drive in which it appeared they would take the lead, they fumbled at the Crosby 20. I think if Huntsville had scored there, they would have won. The turnovers really were a huge factor in the game and Crosby won that battle and that’s why they are m
  10. Rematch from last year. I’ll take the Hornets again. Should be a good one.
  11. All of the Region 3 games this weekend were decided by at least 20 points.
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