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  1. Wow. Huntsville goes all the way to the Tyler area.
  2. Lovelady has really turned it around from 2 years ago. Should go far again this year. Just have to keep that offense improving.
  3. I think the records are very misleading. I don’t think a blowout is coming either way. This should be an even game. Probably a good one to see.
  4. Easily Lufkin. Already three 4 seeds have won in 5A. That didn’t happen at all last year. Marshall’s game should have been a 3rd round game. They got a tough draw.
  5. Great ballgame tonight. Lamar scores late to win this one 48-43 over Lindale.
  6. Huntsville is difficult to run on for sure. Maybe Marshall is just setting them up for the 2nd half. Huntsville led every district game at halftime, yet lost twice. Marshall will have to make the adjustments if they are going to win.
  7. I’m ok with it unless it requires 3-4 hour road trips, especially on a Friday night. Hard for the road fans to make that unless it’s played on a Saturday.
  8. Wish they would put Marshall-Huntsville on. Have to find a radio broadcast.
  9. I’m surprised he has played 7 games. Southern has been hobbled all year after turning an ankle in non District. He came back and played the first few District games but wasn’t 100%. Wilson has played the last 2 games, So not sure what’s the status with Southern this week. The main running back has also been hurt nearly all of the District season, so I’m sure rushing yards are down. Huntsville just hasn’t had all the pieces healthy and together to get any consistently going offensively. So the defense has been on the field too much. If the offense can get everybody out there, they could still make a deep run.
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