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  1. Newton comes riding a 33 game win streak. Last week was an off week. The week before was a 20-14 victory over WOS. Gilmer coming with a close loss to Carthage 24-15. Can they break the streak or does it continue. Should be a good game. The streak continues to 34. I’m a homie.
  2. Glad you didn’t leave. It would be dull around here.

  3. you can't do that, I won't have anymore laughs.
  4. Don't let them get to you, high school football is a process. Play, learn and get better. it's nice to win all of your games just not necessary. All you have to do is win the games that count. What do you think happens with them teams that go 6-4 or 7-3 and then come playoffs and everybody asking where did they come from. You will always have haters, ignore them.
  5. Leave us out of y'alls battle. Any way the way I see it you got whooped and can't handle it.
  6. Should be a great game. Wish I could see it. It’s a coin flip for me, don’t know enough about the teams. Heads-Zebras, tails- Tigers. Tigers win. Good luck to both teams and may both stay healthy.
  7. Don’t want anybody scared, scared people hurt you.
  8. There was no destruction, a real good game with Newton coming out on top 20-14
  9. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. A freight train coming to town.
  10. Great game by both teams. Both have things to work on.
  11. May everybody have a good game, remain injury free and have safe travels to and from the games. Go Friday nights lights.
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