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  1. Purpleforever


    Newton rated to high at this stage of the game. IMHO
  2. Purpleforever


    Newton lost a lot this year, whether they will reload or be in a rebuilding mode is yet to be seen. A lot of those questions will be answered during their predistrict schedule. Hopefully they can come up with a tenth game, but highly doubtful.
  3. Congrats Lobos on a well deserved win. See all you smoaky guys next year. Merry Christmas to all.
  4. I saw a UFO flying above Newton about two weeks ago, I think it is an invasion of body snatchers. LOL
  5. Don’t believe in pity parties. Just making a few comments. No excuses win or lose it is up to the team.
  6. Really I saw an offensive line that got their rearend handed to them. They better get that fire back in them or it will happen again. The best back in the world can go nowhere, if there is no hole for him.
  7. I want my team to win, but that is up tp them. I can’t play it for them. Winning by 1 point is all that is required. Win or lose they’re still my team and always will be and it has been a good year. I know deep in some of your hearts y’all want them to lose, so you can rag on them. That’s ok, but if it was me I would rather get beat by the Champion rather than the loser. Who will win is yet to be determined. Everybody kept asking what would happen if they got hit in the mouth, well they didn’t lay down like y’all thought they would. They fought to the end and prevailed. I know y’all hate Newton because of some of the posters, but they were no worse than y’all bragging on your teams. I make no comparisons to any team unless they play them. To me my team is better, we did it after losing our all-state running back, but we will never know because we will never play. We may get to many roughing the players penalties. Discussion is useless. Useless rambling on my part. Go Eagles, bring it home.
  8. Congrats on a good season Gunter.
  9. Every offense is designed to score and every defense is designed to stop an offense. So for one to overcome the other someone has to physically whoop someone or someone has to miss an assignment. EB defensive line decided they were going to whoop our offensive line and they did a good job of it. I have no idea about what Canadian brings other than a pass heavy offense and a defense that decided to whoop Gunter, so it can’t be that bad. Let’s see who brings the most determination.
  10. East Bernard cheated, they brought some kryptonite. LOL That is why you play the game and I don’t talk about match ups that don’t or won’t happen. Every game is different. You are dealing with teenagers and their emotions and a game where 1 play can change the course of everything.
  11. If Canadian can protect their quarterback Newton could be in trouble. The thing that has saved em in the past was pressure on the quarterback. That is why wide open receivers get overthrown or behind, the quarterback has to throw a second sooner or later than what he wants to or has to change his throwing motion to avoid the rush.