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  1. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    I like creek parties myself, hard to skinny dip in pasture.
  2. Purpleforever

    prayers for garrison

  3. Purpleforever

    Must See Games Of 2019

    If it gets to that point one thing is for sure, one of us is going to be sad.
  4. Purpleforever

    Newton Eagals Can They Repeat

    Either way one of us will be sad.
  5. Purpleforever

    Craig Jones-Kirbyville

    Kirbyville's problems in football started way before he got there. Last year was his first year. He has a lot to overcome to get the football team back on track.
  6. Purpleforever

    Newton Eagals Can They Repeat

    I need to watch them play. I will have a better idea about them after they get through pre- district.
  7. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    I got about six grandkids just like her. If something were to happen to all cell phones, it would kill them.
  8. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    LOL I try to get them to call whoever they are texting and that is unheard of. I'm an old dinosaur. Don't even own one myself.
  9. Purpleforever

    What sport are they terrible at????

    Newton, baseball. Although back in the early '70s or late '60s had a pitcher drafted out of high school by Toronto, Joe Gilbert was his name I believe.
  10. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    Can't pay them to go outside.
  11. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    haven't seen that in thirty years
  12. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    All-State 1st team offense , 2nd team defense
  13. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    I was a big ole lineman in the good ole days and I ran a 4.8 and there was more than 1 or two guys that could out run me, getting by me was a different story.
  14. Purpleforever

    Class 3A (D-II)

    Careful what you pray for. I'll know more after our pre district gauntlet. Until then, can't say much.
  15. Purpleforever

    Kirbyville vs Clifton @ Whitehouse HS

    Kirbyville won 5-1