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  1. I think we have beat them three times in all the times we have played them.
  2. If they play an inspired error free game, Newton can win it. Let's here what y'all think.
  3. Should be an easy win for Newton. What does everybody else think?
  4. Eagles vs Lumberjacks. Let's hear it. Newton
  5. Battle of the Eagles. The Eagles win, guaranteed. LOL I think Newton comes out on top. Let’s hear it.
  6. Quit trying to impose your will on me, if you are that scared get you a fully enclosed environmental suit and wear it. The mask ain't going to save you.
  7. They say if you dress up as a clown and dance around you want get Covid
  8. When the good Lord says it your time, party over. If your scared stay on your porch.
  9. Y'all act like the only thing people are dying from is Covid, people die every day. From the day you are born, you are headed down the road to your death.
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