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  1. Not saying he wont have to hit the ground running, just give him a chance before you condemn him. I don't know the guy or anything about him. All I'm saying is time will reveal all.
  2. no matter what anybody says or thinks, he is your coach. The thing to do now is give him a chance, see him in action at your school, before making any rash decisions.
  3. Good luck on y'all finding coach, may he be good and stay awhile.
  4. Wasn't being arrogant, that's y'all
  5. you scored two TD's, other teams with less talent scored more than y'all did
  6. The 4A-5A not my thought. Win or Lose, not concerned. Got to see how they react when their backs against the wall. This could be a down year for Newton, will not know that until I see them play. Got to see the fire first.
  7. We are 1-1, good game 2nd one, not so much first one.
  8. Newton Scrimmages Anahauc Buna 8-28 @ Woodville 9-04 vs Diboll 9-11 vs Kirbyville 9-18 @ WO-S 9-25 vs Kountze 10-02 @ Anderson-Shiro 10-09 vs New Waverly 10-16 @ Warren 10-23 Open 10-30 vs Hemphill 11-06 @ Corrigan Camden
  9. Was hoping for a tougher schedule, but it is what it is.
  10. Report post Posted Monday at 11:30 AM Newton Scrimmage 1 - at Anahuac Scrimmage 2 - Buna Week 1 Woodville Week 2 Diboll Week 3 Kirbyville Week 4 WO-S Week 5 Open
  11. I wouldn’t want him, to much of a distraction. If I had to block for him it would be open season.
  12. Should be very interesting, I just wish there was better competition around here, plus I have no idea how good we are going to be. Time will tell. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of smoaky.
  13. It’s been a heck of a year, congratulations to all the champions and runner ups on a great season. To bad somebody had to lose. As for next year, you better not shout, you better not cry, because Newton’s coming to town. LOL see y’all next year. No, I don’t know how good or bad them Eagles will be.
  14. Great season PP, be proud. See y’all next year. Your boy had a heck of a game. I hope he didn’t hurt his leg to bad.
  15. Turn overs killed Hamlin. Too many against a team like Mart.
  16. Good luck tomorrow PP, bring it back home. I’ll have to watch the tape, commitments tomorrow night.
  17. This should be another great game, get that defense to rear it’s ugly head again and go with that three yards and a cloud of dust 8 minute clock eating offense. Go Bulls
  18. Great game Brahmas, loved that defensive stand at the end. Go get the title.
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