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  1. This is insane. Thank you Roger the dodger. This nonsense, doesn't unite, it only devides. I too want my Country back
  2. I watched a little of that game yesterday. I couldn't finish it. It hurt too bad. That was the "Get the monkey off my back" year for Steve Young. It was also the year Jimmie Johnson should have been allowed to try and win three Super Bowls in a row, but for Jerry Jones' ego. it was obvious, the Cowboys were not ready to play that game. Their focus was just not there.
  3. Everyone is assuming a first and third for Adams. Let's not forget; he is in a contract dispute with the Jets right now. If They can't get him signed, the asking price may go up. Just a thought.
  4. Randy Greagory applied for reinstatement 60 days ago. Goodell is on the hook to rule on him today according to CBA rules. Let's see if he does.
  5. Cowboys keep on rollin'. Don't know what the price tag is for Erving, but I wonder where all the Money is coming from, what with trying to sign Dak. You reckon they feel like they have a deal already? I like the aggressiveness of MCarthy and Company. https://insidethestar.com/cowboys-sign-versatile-ol-cameron-erving-former-1st-round-pick/
  6. If this idiot tries to go up against the NFL, and NBA: He will lose spectacularly. Open mouth, insert foot Mayor!!
  7. Take a look at this kid, and tell me who he reminds you of. I have seldom seen a kid that young with the knack of accuracy he has. Whether on the run or stationary. It looks like he has super sharp recognition as well. I predict McCarthy will groom him into a fine quarterback. One sports writer stated, he was a McCarthy pick totally.
  8. I had to laugh outloud when I saw your headline. Just last week I was reading an article, that commented what a mistake It was to draft Charlton. A commenter on the site stated that he watched Taco play in high school, and he was lazy, and unmotivated. Someone else predicted that the Dolphins would probably cut him this next year because of attitude, and poor play. Then three days later Miami cut him loose. Karma is a ###. Go Cowboys
  9. I don't know anything about this guy, I can't comment on whether or not this is a good signing. However, I do like Hongry players. From what I have read, the guy was a beast. we'll see, I guess.
  10. What's his name and high school. Willy Ray Smith is the award, right?
  11. Wow, Abernathy! They had a banner year in 2019. Must have lost a ton of players, or the coach moved on to greener pastures
  12. Hear we go boys. Dez and Stephan texting each other. I predict that Dez will be on the pre season roster in the fall. I couldn't help but notice on the Bleacher Report that Dez said " I'm ready and hungry ". Which I predicted, by the way. He sounds hungry, and ready to make a splash. Could do worse! https://insidethestar.com/former-cowboys-wr-dez-bryant-in-the-lab-at-the-star-in-frisco/
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