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  1. i dont know much about Gilmer are Carthage but i do belive Gilmer will say lets go out and meet them.
  2. that was a great game to watch Gilmer straped it on us long drive home
  3. Gilmer vs wo-s Gilmer wins by 10
  4. not to start a word fight with you, you know nothen about west orange stark they will play 5A teams look at what they have done to them DONT REPLY BACK thank you
  5. never happen lucky for Argyle the past five years west orange stark has been turned down 2 times what dose that tell you.the time at wo-s is running out will be moveing down to 3A soon
  6. good luck to both teams the got to go with Carthage 28-21
  7. lets be friends my wife is not doing well i don't need no more on my plat
  8. you are trying to get me banned so others tell me
  9. look up what the word fool means before you get to deep i have been warned about you now i do see what they me i will think about this fool thing oh and by the way don't start up a fight i will not go there
  10. MIKE did you call me a fool hummm look into what fool means 200k-followers-group-business-people-600w-1793112043.webp 200k-followers-group-business-people-600w-1793112043.webp
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