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  1. got to ck this out the buzz around WO-S is there is new chicken pin goin up lmao this just a joke I feel sure I feel sure there coach would not like to hurt the chicken this came off there web site back in the first of May of this year made for linemen only
  2. wait tell after the 5th game then lets see
  3. Silsbee will have a lot returning more speed than last year 8 returning back that will ave about close two 287 pounds across the OL all state sprinter at WR 17 TDs last year and a jv THAT ONLY LOST TO WO-S going to be a good test for Carthage .
  4. little cypress people say no they just finished adding onto there school no money to add on no room to the people there are tax to death now for bridge city there in the same boat as little cypress as for Orangefield cant find no info on them
  5. going up NOT DOWN been told the city of west orange has two contractors that have been given permits to build one hundred fifty two homes that one contractor I got to ck this out from a city office
  6. west orange will never drop like you said can I put my money on them move in up first feel sure you were kidding.
  7. feel sure orange county will get the most people from this like the 1-10 work that was started way back so some of my friends from orange say
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