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  1. west orange will never drop like you said can I put my money on them move in up first feel sure you were kidding.
  2. feel sure orange county will get the most people from this like the 1-10 work that was started way back so some of my friends from orange say
  3. there will be a large Chevron Phillips plant built less than ten miles from there school the coast 5.6 billion dollars the school is already making plans to enlarge the School I got this off there news paper and radio station this will move them up in class there chamber has said there are already people asking about homes there in West Orange,Texas they can say by by to class 4a in a few years maybe sooner
  4. thanks he sure would look good in burnt orange well heck we missed out on a good one looks like
  5. so there web says but that's a lot belive they might had mad a boo boo lol but the mustangs were the best D in there dist ck on this also there good but liked to seen them to far to orange from here
  6. 41 sacks 10 fumble recovers 5 run back for td good numbers for just a jr this year
  7. football is just a way of life over in west orange there 7-8 young kids won the southeast Texas super bowel agan on back of there cars it reads just a way of life to soon to be a mustang was tv stations as far as Houston as there paper said got this off there web page back in November 2019
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