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  1. this should be a super game to watch pg is good but carthage by 17 are more
  2. hummmmm might get a little no no on that
  3. when it comes down to playoff it will look like this # 1Carthage # 2 Gilmer # 3 WO-S so say the posters on the other sport programs close but i donk think so
  4. thompson not a happer camper
  5. read there paper looks like one heck of a DF wo-s will not be relly be tested untell SILSBEE AND JASPER the tigers are better than they looked Agnest PG friday killed them self as for Jasper very very large with track speed in there backfield and WR i think wo-s plays HF next week who has 2 of the states RB
  6. just ck the Silsbee PLESENT GROVE GAME the tigers l look bad on both sides of the ball .wo-s will be playing them soon and Jasper soon and the mustang fans all know what jasper has and Silsbee will will be ready
  7. will try and get with there sport writer there in orange but i was i i have been told 7 times newton 2 times
  8. with the score 70-0 wo-s coach was not please in some spots in his DF line my lord given up 11 yards the 2nd hafe what more can he ask for reading the there paper there speed on both sides and there WR must be good there QB strong arm and brake away speed
  9. wo-s 70 newton 0 3rd qt played his under class kids
  11. the mustangs went 4 deep last year in the playoffs with mostly Soph and Jrs and 4 Freshmen wo-s blew a 17 point lead to silsbee in the 4th qt
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