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  1. I was talking about your reference to Finney.
  2. do you have first hand knowledge or just hearsay? you are talking about a man"s reputation here?
  3. I can not believe there are two ex Raiders commenting on this subject. we have problems in our back yare. let the Tiger Nation deal with this. fifff
  4. We will take some of them in Winnaboro.
  5. it may be the only game they could have gotten for that week. I thought the same thing when I saw the schedule last season. it was one of the two wins they got all of last season. not a good year.
  6. I believe it will be the second game of the season if the schedule remains like it was last year.
  7. I have been told that Finney had wanted the Winnsboro job for a long time but the time was not right. 0)
  8. Winnsboro may have been willingl to open their checkbooks and ready for a change. maybe Winnsboro does not like being cellar dwellers and made fun of year in and year out.
  9. I think both parties are being childish and playing one up man ship. When all this mess end?
  10. He is still in Winnsboro. He will be AD for one more year and after that I do not know.
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