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  1. I know Mr Nichols personally been around him for years.... hes one of the best sups there are... not only is he a great sup but one of the best people you could find. Came from great family and whoever he hires will be a great hire for the job... the man knows what hes doing. Whoever he hires will be fortunate to have someone like him as their sup as well.
  2. Going to be hard to find a game.... Melissa done hired ol Spann who was a All American QB in High School.... this is like getting someone the caliber of Bill Belicheck.... had it not been for an injury where he lost his ear lobe in High School i think the man still may be playing football himself... he could run the ball like mike vick and had the accuracy of drew brees... total package.
  3. looks like a great clinic..... need to add Coach Matt Spann to that list let him get up and talk.... one of the sharpest minds in the game today
  4. Mt Enterprise is looking for a week 3 game
  5. Would be hard for Jones to get it beings he didn’t even apply
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