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  1. Listen,,, Waskom was so bad for so long, that since they have had some success since 2015 the fans really don't know how to handle success. Yes I know Waskom fans.... WR has never won a state title. There we got that out of the way.
  2. Ok cool..... since your all knowing,, explain to me why Waskon's district is so much better than West Rusk's district. By the way, I don't think the Timpson loss is a bad loss for Waskom. Just saying.
  3. So because Waskom manhandled WR last year, it is for certain that WR #### and can't beat any team in the top ten. Ok im glad you cleared that up.
  4. No doubt about that. I'm just a fan and I could care less if they are in the top ten or not. Cause again that's just their opnion.
  5. I was just pointing out that harmony bear EF, so if WR beats Harmony there is a good chance they could beat at least one team on the list. Lol lol.
  6. I guess if they beat Harmony next week they will deserve it?? We all know what Waskom has, but this is just their opinion, you ain't got to get butt hurt over a poll.
  7. Sabine does well getting to the ball on defense, they didn't tackle well and it got worse as the game went on. Their offense is good and can score in a hurry.
  8. This game won't be happening,, Gladewater just shut down all schools until the 7th.
  9. It look like it was a pretty good match up.
  10. Tried watching on NFHS but they couldn't keep the score right, and it had no sound.
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