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  1. We already knew you never put in for Rivercrest, BACA!
  2. Y'all be back up next alignment at Cooper?
  3. I am pretty sure this isn't true anymore than the other 4 jobs this board has already mentioned that Baca had already left Pitt for
  4. That is funny right there...... That name always gets hype on this board. I still haven't figured out why.
  5. Hopefully the program that translated to all those wins at Ferris will bring Redwater out of the hole as well! Congrats to all involved. Not sure how he beat out Coach Taylor in the finals with all the support he was getting from the Riggins Brothers
  6. I hope this was sarcasm......
  7. I will never understand how some of these administrators choose who they bring in to interview for some of these jobs......smh
  8. That's two months they've wasted then.....this job came open in December.
  9. Guess they knew something you didn't
  10. Cancelling once in a lifetime opportunities for all these kids for a disease that isn't even as bad as the flu for their age group. Our society has become so fragile.
  11. if schools are grouping kids the way they are supposed to there shouldn't be any shutting down at this point. Honestly I don't even know why it matters, since the kids are out acting normal anyway. They aren't social distancing or taking precautions on their own outside of workouts. With the precautions that are supposed to be being taken during workouts that almost the last place they would contract anything. Heard Ezekiel Elliott tested positive and there isn't anything even wrong with him. No symptoms. Time to live life.
  12. I thought that the guy that left Dangerfield for Detroit was just the Co_Offensive Coordinator and he was not the one that called plays. Am I wrong? Which I could be, that's just what i understood. I was under the idea that the other OC was the main guy and called the plays. Someone verify?
  13. It wasn't as stringent as I thought it would be.
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