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  1. That's two months they've wasted then.....this job came open in December.
  2. Guess they knew something you didn't
  3. Cancelling once in a lifetime opportunities for all these kids for a disease that isn't even as bad as the flu for their age group. Our society has become so fragile.
  4. if schools are grouping kids the way they are supposed to there shouldn't be any shutting down at this point. Honestly I don't even know why it matters, since the kids are out acting normal anyway. They aren't social distancing or taking precautions on their own outside of workouts. With the precautions that are supposed to be being taken during workouts that almost the last place they would contract anything. Heard Ezekiel Elliott tested positive and there isn't anything even wrong with him. No symptoms. Time to live life.
  5. I thought that the guy that left Dangerfield for Detroit was just the Co_Offensive Coordinator and he was not the one that called plays. Am I wrong? Which I could be, that's just what i understood. I was under the idea that the other OC was the main guy and called the plays. Someone verify?
  6. It wasn't as stringent as I thought it would be.
  7. Go back and watch the particular segment you are referring to in full context and please tell me how you interpret him saying "shoot disinfectant into your veins." I watched the full daily briefing that the media took off on that from. Never at any point did I interpret a single thing he said as "shoot disinfectant into your veins." Really not trying to debate Trump stuff on Smoaky, but you would have to be pretty dumb to think he actually meant to "shoot disinfectant into your veins."
  8. You do realize that Trump simply repeats things that the so called medical "experts" have said to him right?
  9. Who gave a mic to this guy to begin with?
  10. Talking about Henderson? Maybe I'm slow on this but why would he be talking about Henderson.
  11. Well if you're strictly talking about a particular sports success it would be things such as improvement and straight up wins and losses. W's pretty much the ultimate indicator in a programs success. Now individually, as a coach, and I think most of us that are doing this for the right reasons, as the ultimate reflection of you as a coach is what kind of impact you can have on the lives of the young people you have the privilege to work with. Helping to produce quality adult citizens ultimately is what I want to be measured by as a successful coach.
  12. I didn't say any of those things. Thanks for assuming though. Have a great day. The Bears won't be breaking any trends because there is already a successful program established. I don't see the interim moves (if kept permanent) making tons of changes to the program, so there should be continued success for now.
  13. I can tell you aren't a coach. No clarification needed.
  14. Very accurate examples. Gladewater already has a program established and in place and if they keep things with the two roles split but hired in house as they are with the interim status, then I doubt very much change would actually take place. If all work along then great, but when you start having to fight for when your kids can become better athletes (weight, agility, etc.) that's where you start having problems at the small school.
  15. It's a chat room not a court room. It's my observation being in the profession Ms. GNut. I don't know of any small schools that have taken this path and had consistent success.
  16. We're gonna find out we shut down the world for much less than 1% when it's all said and done.....
  17. You tell me. I am just watching what happens. If you have counter examples where in a small school the head football coach wasn't the AD and they had a ton of success, i'd love to know.
  18. It's happening more and more at the lower levels and those schools wonder why they aren't as successful.
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