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  1. Exactly, but Justin Johnson is SOLID in alot of areas and is popular in the community. I'm optimistic that he can make something shake.
  2. Me too. Not only did we lose those 2 key kids, Tyler high lose nearly 30% of their players out the middle school system overnight when the rezoning happened ! It's been extremely difficult on our overall team depth .
  3. STRAIGHT facts! One of the biggest reasons Tyler high can't compete with the major 5A teams is the lack oline and dline players across the board. Holmes and coaches are trying to put something together, because this team, if the transfer works out, can be competitive.
  4. He didn't play much at all last year because of injury. He's running track and he's definitely an athlete.
  5. Again this is facts! There has to be changes in the program IMO.
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