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  1. They're going to throw a fit bigger than the sun
  2. True. They have JT in the 4th and last playoff spot in district. We'll see what happens. We got 53 players on varsity right now.
  3. That's right! He is definitely going to contribute.
  4. Go to images and see if that works. BTW, JT has 53 players on varsity this year. 4 freshman will be on varsity and good move-in from Lubbock.
  5. Going to be a GREAT facility for JT!!!
  6. VERY possible! JT is has some serious talent in the sophomore and incoming freshman classes!
  7. VERY WELL SAID! Like I have said on previous posts, JT is loaded in the sophomore and incoming freshman classes. JT'S numbers are what they are and JT will deal with it the best they can. Last year's team was talent depleted in some areas(wr core and o line). JT returns 70 to 80% of their team from last year. We will be competitive across the board IMO, but wish we were more stable at the qb position.
  8. JT propably has between 150 to 160 kids between the 3 levels. We'll have about 45 to 50 on varsity, 40 on JV, and around 60 freshman. There are alot of reasons for this.
  9. The game is in Allen. It's their homecoming
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