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  1. I know Holmes and his coaching staff would've loved get his QBs reps during spring ball and 7 on 7 tournaments, but that's a wash now. I'm hoping they will let teams have some sort of offseason workouts(padless) in June or July. That's based on if we have this virus licked by late May.
  2. People need to demand change from TISD if they want or think better. Complaining on social media ain't going to change it JMO.
  3. They got GOOD JV AND freshman teams, but the varsity is AWFUL
  4. Spot on. JT has GOOD group of sophomores coming up for sure. JT has talent and experience, but will be young still. Qb is the big unknown.
  5. Longview comes to Rose Stadium last game of the year.
  6. I believe the Soph to be Dae Dae Lacy will eventually be this year's qb. JMO
  7. JT has some SERIOUS TALENT in their current 9th grade and coming in the next 2 years. TRUST ME on that. The immediate issue as far as football go is finding a qb. Cameron Ford is at Chapel Hill now. This season hinges on can Holmes find a decent qb. JT returns alot of players. Time will tell.
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