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  1. As a Horn fan, why have they struggled so much these last 2 years? They're the biggest school in Mesquite ISD with nearly 3,000 students.
  2. This is a winnable game for TH IMO. Horn is struggling to score and struggling to find ways to win games like Tyler high. With that being said, I think Tyler high gets their first win of the season against Horn. Kinda surprising since they are the biggest school in Mesquite ISD.
  3. The weather may or may not play a factor, but if Tyler high comes with the same effort or a little better they should get their first IMO.
  4. Trust me I'm not getting excited over anything. I'm just saying is they're showing improvement weekly. Nac is going to play us tough so we're going to have to improve to start winning games.
  5. Tyler High's first win will be this week I believe
  6. TOTALLY AGREE! This team is steadily getting better game by game. Tyler high will get their first win next week against Nac imo. Mesquite Horn looks winnable as well. If Tyler high wins the next 2 they will start rolling.
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