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  1. Met him at an Earl Campbell relays 15 years ago. GREAT MAN AND MARSHALL SUPPORTER! WILL BE MISSED­čŚú
  2. I've heard the RUMORED names that will be submitted Monday for JT and Lee. They're similar to what Frisco ISD has named their schools.
  3. Not really but I can tell you it won't be a directional name (North, South, East and West).
  4. I think they are planning to still have Tyler in their name still IMO.
  5. Know the feeling. Between graduation and other issues, JT had a huge falling off in 2019. I could see us being better if the qb situation was better. JT has some VERY promising underclassmen.
  6. Nac had a good freshman group 3 years ago but it didn't materialize like I thought it would. I'm going to try and make it when JT goes down there this season.
  7. How is Nac football looking this season?
  8. JT is scrimmaging Pine Tree on September 18th. JT was originally going to scrimmage Desoto.
  9. They're going to throw a fit bigger than the sun
  10. True. They have JT in the 4th and last playoff spot in district. We'll see what happens. We got 53 players on varsity right now.
  11. That's right! He is definitely going to contribute.
  12. Go to images and see if that works. BTW, JT has 53 players on varsity this year. 4 freshman will be on varsity and good move-in from Lubbock.
  13. Going to be a GREAT facility for JT!!!
  14. VERY possible! JT is has some serious talent in the sophomore and incoming freshman classes!
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