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  1. Tommy Allison to Hallsville
  2. Probably running into same problem LE had in past
  3. I agree, the district could send 2 teams to regionals. Looking at standings the top teams in the other districts on this side of the bracket are Caddo Mills & Crandall Canton & Van Henderson & Kilgore None of those teams scare me
  4. This is the dumbest sh1t I’ve ever read on smoaky
  5. I predict it finishing Jefferson Hooks MV hughes It’s a mess and tie breakers are going to be in play
  6. In the surprise of the week QC keeps this close for a half at 21-12. But ore city rolls after the bands play. Final ore city 56 QC 18
  7. prefer it. No need to watch a 60-0 game and risk injury or it turning into 100-0
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