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  1. 3 hours ago, DawgNation2015 said:

    North Lamar will still have to battle for a playoff spot in this new district.  Spring Hill , Pitt & LE ain’t gonna roll over and hand then the spot.  I think they get 4th best case but realistically probably end up #5 or #6.

    Agreed, if LE and Pitt are both better than last year (which is the safe assumption) I think North Lamar will still be dead last. They got a better deal but not by much, since it really all depends on who improves in that district and who doesn’t.

  2. 23 hours ago, swaha said:

    I agree.  They cannot have the season ending injuries this upcoming season, like last season. 

     Argyle will be a home and home, not sure about Silsbee. That game needs to be played at a neutral site. 

    If they can get through that and district injury free and with a decent record, they’ll be ready for anything thrown at them... except perhaps Carthage Part 2 at AT&T if they’re able to make it that far again, but only time will tell. 

  3. 2 hours ago, dillonpanthers said:



    Every contender in Region 2 that avoided Carthage. 


    North Lamar- finally got away from Paris,  Celina, Argyle and are welcomed by Gilmer, PG, etc. 

    Having to beat Argyle, Melissa, Celina, and Paris to even be a 4th seed versus simply having to get through Pittsburg, LE, and/or Spring Hill? I’d say North Lamar is in a much better position to make playoffs, unless we have another situation like 2018 where PG, Pitt, LE, and Gilmer were all top 10 ranked teams most the season.

  4. I wonder how many schools out there have managed to stay in the same UIL class since they’ve opened or for the really old schools, since UIL first became a thing and had classifications. (Whenever UIL adds a class, doesn’t count as a change) so for example, a school that stays in 3A up until 1980,  goes up to 4A then, and sticks around until going to 5A in 2014 due to UIL adding classes both those years listed.

    The most steady East Texas school I can think of off the top of my head appears to be Tyler Lee who’s in the largest class in every old realignment posted thus far and as far as I know hasn’t once dropped down since then and now.

  5. 16 hours ago, LoboFan07 said:

    Zones were pretty popular in all sports back then.

    I've been researching Longview baseball results this month, and have found a lot of times they did zone districts for baseball as well. One was Longview/Marshall/Texas High in the North zone, Lee/Lufkin/John Tyler in the South zone.

    I find it extremely fascinating.

    Were districts allowed to determine if they wanted to have a zone or not when they didn’t absolutely need one? I would imagine UIL wouldn’t really bother to zone a 6 team district themselves, though they might have because of all the travel.

  6. 6 hours ago, Champ1000 said:

    With it being somewhat difficult finding teams due to location you think they would play. Texas high just played Liberty Elyau so not much difference other than a tougher matchup.

    Every school in Texarkana, including Arkansas High, has played each other except for PG and Texas, and with the insane amount of traveling both teams have had to do, and I’ve heard Arkansas doesn’t have it easy with travel either, all the schools there would finally just say screw it and schedule every single one of each other for non-district (besides PG and LE for obvious reasons)

    Texas High and Arkansas High would also both be a much better challenge for PG to get ready for district rather than the long drives like Gladewater and Chapel Hill that they blow out pretty consistently.

  7. 21 minutes ago, OTamandua said:

    Out of curiosity, is Texarkana (as was said by the Gazette back in 2017) still the only Texas city with three high schools that have each won both a football and a baseball championship?

    In addition, have they added PG's 2019 title to the sign on eastbound New Boston Road south of the west side Walmart, where all those other TXKTX hs championships are listed?

    How many titles do LE and Texas High have? If they each have at least 2, I wouldn’t be surprised if Texarkana is the only town in Texas with 3 whole schools with multiple football titles alone.

  8. 51 minutes ago, dillonpanthers said:

    Pine Tree should be good again this year. Especially on offense.  

    Maybe PG and Arkansas High will play. Have they ever?

    PG and Arkansas High played for the first time ever in 2016 and then again in 2017, PG won both matchups. 

    I wonder if PG will ever play Texas High, I can see why they haven’t for most of their history because it would’ve been a bloodbath massively in Texas High’s favor, but nowadays might be a decent matchup.

  9. 4 hours ago, Matt said:

    So Lampasas should be the 2nd ranked 4A team behind Carthage and 3rd is PG since L gave Carthage their biggest test, no? Just saying... 

    I can agree with this but to me it’s also really hard to tell how PG would’ve or could’ve stacked up with both Carthage and Lampasas late in the playoffs. Especially given the combination of injuries and how inconsistent PG was. If they rematched Carthage and showed up and played like they did with Gilmer, while I still think the Dawgs would come out on top with confidence, it would be a hell of a game just like the first one, now if PG played Carthage or Lampasas with the performance they had to tonight.... Probably would’ve been pretty ugly. 

    But in the end rankings are based off the actual performance and not what could’ve been done.


    Edit: on a related note, looking at D2, what are Carthage, PG, and Gilmer bringing back in terms of players next year and who are they graduating?

  10. 26 minutes ago, Eagleborn said:

    Doubt they’ll end up in same region. 

    Let’s hope they don’t... if PG, Gilmer, and Carthage are all rocking and rolling like they usually do next year, that could be a Region where the 3 best teams in the entire division are going at it and would have one of them pretty much be the instant favorite to win as soon as 1 is remaining. Even worse if they’re in the state district.

  11. I know it’s off topic, but is there a chance Carthage will schedule PG or Gilmer next year pre-district, assuming they aren’t in the same district anyway? I’m sure its unlikely but it’d be interesting, if Carthage goes south with Jasper they could very well schedule PG as the very first game of the season, then rematch them in the very last in the state championship! Heck of a rematch situation if you ask me.

  12. From what I’m hearing this was caused by the McAllen ISD schools with the incorrect numbers that placed them in 6A instead of 5A, causing them to need to reduce the number of schools in 5A. What I don’t like about it is that instead of moving some of the largest 5As up to 6A to replace the schools lost in 6A, they raised the 4A cutoff to drop a couple 5AD2 schools, saving the rear ends of a couple 5AD1 schools... such as Highland Park. Also a couple tiny 5As dropping to 4A probably is going to cause less uproar than a couple 5As going up to 6A.

    Now, it could be also because of opt ups, I haven’t seen all the information yet. 

  13. I’d rather PG, Gilmer, or whoever from Region 2 faces a Region 3 Carthage in a state championship game than Carthage in Region 2 knocking out basically all the top teams in 4AD2 before the semifinal, that would make for a rather boring state championship game. The only non-Region 2 team I could see maaaybee putting up a decent game with Carthage is WOS.

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  14. 33 minutes ago, blackflag79 said:

    I think it would make sense for these schools to be in districts like these for proximity.

    E.T. District 1:  Bullard, Brownsboro, Van, Wills Point, Canton, and Rusk

    E.T. District 2:  North Lamar, Pleasant Grove, Pittsburg, Gilmer, Liberty-Eylau, and Spring Hill

    It looks like Carthage may go south, unless they push Rusk southwest.

    Hopefully Carthage goes south to help not have PG, Gilmer, and Carthage in the same region... plus the 2020 state championship game might be between Carthage and one of those 2 teams, which would be quite the game.

  15. 13 hours ago, futfan said:

    Nobody is expecting perfection, but just mentioning that PG is not playing at their usual level. 

    Heard there was a lot of smack talk and bad blood between these two teams, and both appeared to be playing very angry and unfocused, it was a very messy game probably caused by negative emotions.

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  16. With my predictions I don’t see Carthage dropping, but the folks who know more about this than I do say they likely will, so in that case if the cutoff moves up enough to drop Carthage, I could see Lindale dropping to 4AD1, perhaps helping to fill out that district.

    Edit: With Spring Hill turning in around 547, I could also see them with a VERY slim chance of dropping to 3A given how some people are predicting the cutoffs to move up drastically. Kind of a shame they’ve always grown just enough to dodge the cutoff though, they’d do very well in 3AD1

  17. If Spring Hill were to move, it would likely only be to fill out another district that drops below 5 teams. For both them and Carthage wouldn’t it make the most sense (geographically, completely disregarding other factors like district size) to move them to District 7, and not down south to an entirely new region? 

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