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  1. UIL isn’t going to add 7A until the number of football playing schools by in Texas increases by a fair amount. So by then even more schools making playoffs with 4 per district in 2A-7A will just make sense.
  2. Talent tends to be condensed in certain areas, making many districts/parts of the state significantly tougher than others. Sometimes even teams who make it to the state semi-final may struggle to make playoffs in some districts of another region (Iowa Park last year comes to mind with this one, some folks were questioning if they even would’ve made playoffs in PG’s district). That being said, Lufkin v Texas had me checking several times to make sure I read the score right.
  3. The 4th round will either be PG vs Connally or PG vs Gilmer. It doesn’t look like anybody in the region can stop those 3 teams but each other. Now whether PG will be beat, well they are most people’s clear pick to win state, but crazier upsets have happened.
  4. District 5 is embarrassingly weak... Gilmer by as much as they want.
  5. If Spring Hill brings their A game, they should be looking to make a decent playoff run, does anyone know who will likely play the winner of this game round 2?
  6. This is a thread about a football game, probably not the place for this. That being said, as someone who also enjoys band myself: Mineola was the best in nearly every aspect, there’s a reason every single judge in both prelims and finals put them in first. It’s not just about presentation/composition, it’s mostly about execution, and they’ve got it for sure. I do agree though, judging was a mess, but the arts are a very subjective place, weird stuff happens in every single fine art.
  7. Part of being a small school is about sharing kids between activities, and personally I admire how good Atlanta is at it, it’s what’s kept them rather competitive in most activities throughout the years, but especially now that they’re on the larger end of 3A.
  8. I would not be surprised to watch Sunnyvale finish with another 10-1 season.
  9. Is the 5 way tie that was mentioned in another thread still possible if Atlanta wins this one? I’m not actually sure at all how that works, so if there’s a tie, the scores break it for playoff seedings, but all schools in that tie are still officially district champions?
  10. Using this, here’s how you can figure out where the cutoff might be UIL wants 220-250 football playing schools in 6A (before opt ups). So, you take the enrollment of the 250th largest school, that’s the lowest possible cutoff, the enrollment of the 220th largest, you got the likely highest possible cutoff. It’ll be safe to assume all schools below the 250th place mark are locks to drop. Given, none of those guesses will completely accurate until all numbers are updated on the sheet, but it’s a good way to guess.
  11. Texas High is at 1874 on the 2018 rank order, 5AD1 starts at 1840. Combination of UIL generally always pushing up the cutoffs and Texas High probably losing some enrollment to Pleasant Grove could do enough to push them down into D2.
  12. I would hope nobody is actually crazy enough to create a district with PG, LE, Gilmer, Pittsburg AND Carthage. That's more teams that could go multiple rounds deep than there are playoff spots. For ideal travel, I'd put them in District 7. But 9 would be more reasonably competitive. Carthage would make a joke out of 7.
  13. I wouldn't call Spring Hill recently anywhere near terrible at football. Just a brutal district and I'm assuming talent is hard to keep with the Lobos in town.
  14. Didn't Sunnyvale do that ending 9-1 with Gilmer shutting them down 1st round? I think some people were even predicting them to make a fairly deep run too.
  15. Jasper comes to mind, also basically any 4A team coming out of Region 1 to the state semifinal round, Region 1 4As always get stomped it seems.
  16. Off topic, but I can't help but laugh at Huntington in last, with not even half of what 2nd to last has.
  17. That's surprising, I honestly figured most kids from Red Lick would choose Texas or PG.
  18. I wonder if Red Lick will ever combine with someone like PG or Texas, or if they'll finally just build their own high school. Though given they're in a situation where their kids can choose between PG, Texas, and I think (correct me if I'm wrong), also Hooks and Redwater. So I bet the parents there like their kids having some choice.
  19. I would guess North Lamar has the best academics in that area judging by their success in UIL's competitive academics, but that could mean nothing.
  20. In contrary to what I said when I started this thread about combining to improve athletic programs, I think it should be about education and finances the most. Priorities: #1 Having enough money to function and have quality facilities and hire quality staff. #2 Quality of Education (Although both 1 and 2 should go hand in hand generally) #3 Quality of the Extracurricular Experience, in athletics, arts, and any other activities.
  21. Having a Soccer powerhouse is better than sucking at everything.
  22. Not even mentioning how these communities probably exist separate for a reason. Doubt they would ever want to consolidate just like some other examples such as Paris and North Lamar.
  23. You don't get on every "Most Dangerous City in Texas" list by being a nice place to live lol
  24. All of Texarkana except PG is the ghetto school. Town in general is just a shithole. I wouldn't be surprised if PG suffers the same fate either.
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