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  1. http://tea-texas.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Solutions/s2.html?appid=8b1d6f13310a49f48aa7052fe13f505a School district map of Texas, this might help some people.
  2. Never said it would, I don't know a thing about the education at Gladewater and Union Grove anyway.
  3. This is all true. I also wish more people would take into consideration of quality of education. There's a lot of schools out there that may not have a good reason to merge/shut down, they may even be solid competitively, but their rural location, dissapointing pay to teachers, and small size results in the kids getting a very subpar education.
  4. Unnecessary imo. East Texas doesn't need more giant 6A schools, let Longview be and hope they drop eventually.
  5. Maud isn't going to send your numbers up by much lol. Def not enough to push into 4A, so nothing is lost competitively.
  6. What about Maud and Redwater? Maud can't seem to get ANYTHING going well for them, might as well send them to RW.
  7. I'm not sure how this would work out, I know little about those communities, but what about Daingerfield and Hughes Springs? They appear to be rather close, closer than Omaha and Daingerfield for sure.
  8. I would imagine overall in both education and extracurriculars.
  9. Pertaining to both the Paris and Texarkana ideas, it is definitely hard because of the differences in the communities. To my understanding, the Pleasant Grove and North Lamar communities are significantly more economically well off than their other local school districts. (correct me if I'm wrong) Rivalries don't help either. NL definitely wouldn't allow consolidation and PG's tendency to keep their district somewhat exclusive means redrawing the Texarkana school district lines to create even sized schools nearly impossible. They'd shoot down that idea very quickly even if it would be benefici
  10. Really controversial idea: There's about 3000 kids between each of the Texarkana, Texas. Instead of having 1 5A school and 2 small 4A schools, split them into even ~1000 person 4AD1 schools. This will never happen though and there's probably a lot of good arguments as to why they shouldn't. Although I'm sure JT and the East Dallas 5As wouldn't complain!
  11. An occasional idea brought up when discussing schools that struggle with most or all of their programs is suggesting they should consolidate with another nearby school. What schools do you think would benefit from this and who do you think wouldn't but gets brought up a lot? I always hear people talk (or joke) about combining QC and Atl all the time, but I personally think as far as athletics go, it would just basically be the Atlanta football team now playing in probably 4AD1, wouldn't be good. No other sports would probably benefit that much from consolidation either.
  12. Queen City is anything but progressive.
  13. This. Absolutely agree. There's also just the issue of how it'll affect the Cheerleading, Drill Team, and Marching Band programs if football isn't a thing at the school. All 3 of these programs benefit significantly from just simply having a football program.
  14. It's hopeless, doesn't help that Atlanta dropped to 3A, that just makes students transferring there from QC even more of a good idea.
  15. They're riiiightt on the edge, so it's just all going to depend on what UIL does and if Lindale outgrows the cutoff, which they very consistently outgrow the cutoff just by a little.
  16. Well if Carthage drops (Which is VERY likely), at PG's current level, l don't see them having that much of a problem as a 4AD1 school within this region, besides, they're attracting so many move-ins for athletics that the increased enrollment would help a lot. Out of this region though, totally different story. On the other hand, they are graduating a LOT of talent with Class of 2020, so they probably don't want to move up just yet.
  17. Any chance of either of the Texarkana 4A schools moving up to D1? Pleasant Grove has been growing rather consistently, and now having limited open-enrollment and a suddenly successful football program has got to be pushing their enrollment up. Not sure about Liberty-Eylau.
  18. Doubt to both of these, both schools are a solid 20-30ish kids under the cutoff and only seem to be growing smaller very quickly.
  19. As long as we have a thread going about 5A alignments, why not 4A? Who will move between D2 and D1? Will Spring Hill finally drop to 3A, leaving District 6 Football potentially a 4 team district? Will anyone will move up from 3A or down from 5A?
  20. Pretty sure Highland Park gets to control how district lines are redrawn in that area anyway, the rumor I've always heard is they just redraw to stay under the cutoff.
  21. So Lindale is very likely, after all, UIL has been steadily moving up the cutoffs by ~100 each year. As for SS, doubt it, being at 1270 already puts them above what an estimated 2020 cutoff would be and they're consistently growing. Also, if you want more info, check out the TEA data on middle schools, that way you can see if they have a smaller or larger set of classes than the high school they feed into, and get a good estimate.
  22. Not sure how important this is, but Lindale dropping to 4AD1 is basically guaranteed, at 1154 enrollment according to the rank order, Sulphur Springs will likely also drop cutting it close at 1218, but could out grow the cut-off.
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