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  1. New team that likes to kneel for the National Anthem? What a joke! Absolutely ridiculous that Droddy would allow this to happen.
  2. No but it should be, btw I’m taking LK by 3 td’s. Queen City will keep the states longest losing streak in 3A going.
  3. So looking at this chart, the longest losing streaks in each classification are: 6A El Paso Socorro 5A FW Carter Riverside 4A Krum 3A Queen City 2A Boys Ranch I would consider these to be the worst jobs in the state based off of these facts. If I was one of the schools on this list this would the only thing I look at for non-district games for the next 2 years
  4. I don't see anything negative about what he put. Just speaking the truth!!
  5. Im going with the Radio of HP or the slums of LK. Probably refills the tp rolls and cleans the toilet at the field house so he thinks he knows ####. I am still waiting on his answer of what he would line up defensively for LK. Hard to answer a question when you have no idea what the answer is
  6. Pretty sure that is Arlington Seguin, and they are losing another team out of that district as well... Burleson Centennial turned in 1899 so they will be going D1 as well.
  7. Guys there is a band forum to be having all this band talk. Take it over there!!
  8. Guess he thinks they have a chance this week vs Ore City. Hes just so giddy he cant control himself
  9. QC screwed up by not hiring here, hopefully Lone Oak wouldn't do the same. People are really missing out on a chance to better their school. Remember people we are here for the kids!!
  10. Gives us all entertainment during the week!! I look forward to them each week
  11. The effort put forth by QCs JV last night was pitiful. They looked like they had never been coached. Dfield was nice to just score 60
  12. No doubt, I’m glad someone else recognizes the talent
  13. Im loving all the love for an all womens staff!! You do need to have at least one male on staff, guess they will just leave the Jr. High Coordinator in place since he has his campus rocking and rolling. Or just let the PeeWee coach that is now employed as a coach stay on and keep the different parts of the community happy.
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