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  1. Super excited and super nervous for this one! Playoffs on the line!!!!
  2. QC wins this one. No doubt about it. Playoffs on the horizon!
  3. ND coming to QC. Winner stays in playoff race. Loser is most likely out. Who ya got?
  4. I think the rabbs get it fixed and pull this out
  5. I think qc is much improved and better than people are giving credit. But i also don’t think they are ready for Atlanta just yet. But it’s closer than Atlanta people will admit.
  6. Time to shock the district. QC is for real
  7. This isn’t true. Past teams would have beat those teams if they’d been on the schedule. That being said I’m fired up about this season, we are definitely better than the past couple seasons. I expect us to be 4-0 After Friday.
  8. QC looking to go 2-0. Who ya got?
  9. QC by 6. Time to prove all the haters wrong!
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