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  1. Oh, this is rich!!! Texas High and LE whining about transfers! 2020 is a strange year, indeed.
  2. Bowman taking his talents to the sunshine state.
  3. Is there a video of the proposed multi-purpose facility?
  4. LE lost these games last April!
  5. Just ask 68Hornet. He knows everything about everything. Just go back and read his responses about where the new coach was coming from. Boy, was that a train wreck! As usual, he was there at the game and his version of events is the only accurate version.
  6. There is ZERO percent chance the three headed coaching monster of T, W & F will suspend any players with their only winnable game coming up. I guess they could suspend them for the game against BYE next week. With PG coming off a loss, Super Wright will be depressed all week. The bye week comes at a good time. The cooler temps this week will find Fry and his Smediums in a much happier place while Thompson is still probably hiding in the pressbox from Friday night’s Donnybrook. Current line......Twitter has the Leopards as a 2.5 point favorite against BYE this
  7. It’s hard to have control of your team when you are a puppet yourself and have no say so in your own program. However, this guy isn’t cut out to lead anything, anyway!
  8. Back to back moral victories for the puppet-led Twitter Ticklers from Bowie County. Last week we led a state ranked team DURING THE GAME!!! (Victory). This week we hold a state ranked team WAY under fifty! (Victory). Howdy Doodey continues to develop nothing but class. Those were the most polite and character filled helmet tosses I’ve ever seen! I wonder if the super has come down out of the pressbox yet. Someone should tell him the mean, bad guys have probably loaded up the bus and headed back toward I-35. #HalfAHundredOnD #Defense:ItStartsHere
  9. You’re right about one thing for sure, Mr. Eagle. This game will be offensive!
  10. Head Coach and Puppetmaster Thompson brings Offensive Coordinator Wright and Defensive Coordinator Fry along with Howdy Doody Klint to the land of Dairy Cows for what’s sure to be a full blown slobber-knocker with the kilt clad Eagles from Denton county. Maybe King breaks out his old Sulphur Springs letterman jacket for good luck. Speaking of good....... the defense improved by a whopping 21 points only giving up 41 to the only 3A on their schedule. At least the new regime has installed a touch of class back to the program. Character and discipline have been mainstays this year........oh wa
  11. Did the coaching triumvirate of Thompson, Wright, and Fry get held up in traffic. Surely their game plan must not have gotten in the little royalty’s hands. Perhaps they couldn’t agree who was going to drive the suburban across town. The good news now........the defensive genius IS making headway. 48 at half this week is better than 49 at half last week!!! Let’s Go Twitterville!! #ItStartsHere..........and by IT we mean opponent touchdowns!
  12. Wonder what the game plan of Thompson, Wright, and Fry is? Kinda sounds like a law firm that might wear their shirts way too tight. I bet those three will have the winning game plan in little king’s hand before Friday night. Look out. It will be a doozy!
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