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  1. Oh yea......he’s had it so tough. Spent the better part of half a century making money for nothing.
  2. Your personal knowledge of the world....or anything else has been in question for some time.
  3. USA Today is trash. Where do you come up with your BS?
  4. How the hell can you find a nice thing to say about high taxin, baby killing, constitution hating people?
  5. Fine.....however.....I know more about what you biatch about than you will ever know. Also.....do more for the environment than you will ever do. Spend more money protecting the environment than you will ever do. So keep crying while driving and sitting in the AC. We will keep the lights on for you.
  6. Most scientist rely on grants and funding. They will say anything to stay in business.
  7. Well gee......who wouldn’t rather watch Goodfellas than Brokeback Mountain?
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