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  1. Well, not sure about the Mrs.. part they've already got someone on the school board who's filled that role well.. Just ask the other school board members....
  2. But I could be wrong I mean just have a look for yourselves... https://www.reelectic-justin-ramm.com/ Again dumpster fire. Let the professionals do their job, not harass them. this says it all two or three bullet points in and you'll get a glimpse of lone oaks future
  3. Disagree I believe it's what the board wanted.
  4. I would agree on the superintendent being a supporter from what I've heard. I don't think any of the coaches had the opportunity to follow him to poteet as he will be an assistant there and not the head coach. To me it seems like they were all supporters of Goode and after hearing his leaving have decided to leave as well. I can't imagine lone oak winning too many games this year, from what I've seen he has always overachieved, other than maybe chisum their schedule will be farly tough next year. This realignment did not help them and they're in district with schools that se
  5. What's most pitiful is how certain members of the community in certain positions can ruin it for most cause of their agendas. As an ex coach close to the community i can tell you without a doubt this is the case in Lone Oak. This is not 1992 anymore and Lone Oak will continue to go downhill until changes are made. Year after year an influx of coaches have left due to minimal pay, no days, teacher work loads, (most have trouble just getting scheduled into the athletic period) and the plethora of other issues associated with the place that are 10-15 years behind the times ( no Athletic janitors
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