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  1. Thought you guys were gonna make some noise this year.
  2. What happened to Sabine?
  3. You show your ignorance more and more daily. What's True New USCIS guidance regarding citizenship for children of U.S. service members and government employees will affect a relatively small number of cases involving non-U.S. citizen parents or adopted foreign-born children. What's False The new USCIS guidance does not eliminate ordinary birthright citizenship for children of U.S. service members and government employees who are born outside the U.S. This is from the very liberal Snopes! https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/overseas-us-troops-kids-citizens/
  4. So full of hate and can you actually share facts not propaganda from the far left! The spokesperson added that the policy is not ending, but will instead be handled through Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). https://headlinezpro.com/fact-check-no-donald-trump-did-not-decide-to-deport-kids-with-cancer/ https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/458971-administration-ends-program-allowing-migrants-receiving-medical-care-to
  5. Time to see what all the fuss is about. Can not believe the district thread in over 90 pages. Have a freshman grandson on JV who played well last night, but there was not much offense.
  6. What is sad is voting for someone who has never had this type of business experience. This is what has made him effective and made job growth, unbelievable unemployment, wage increases, GDP at highest level in years. Sure go vote for a community organizer who has zero experience. Lets see how that works out for the US. oops we did and he failed and may go down as the worst president in history.
  7. Some information on the sources you have for checking on that 'report" https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/desmog/ SourceWatch is a project of the liberal non-profit Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). ... SourceWatch also admits that it does not provide β€œcomplete, accurate orreliable information” and as such does not guarantee the validity of its information.
  8. You seem like a semi-intelligent person. You do realize that there are bad people on both sides of the political spectrum. When it was brought up about this secrete group on FB it was addressed and people will be punished. What else do you expect to happen? No one will ever be able to stop evil acts but must acknowledge and address them when they come up. Far back as I can remember the Republicans have pushed for immigration reform. The democrats have pushed for it when it has fit their agenda. These old time Democrats that are crying now make me sick. They have had the power and years to try and fix these problems, but now want to shift the blame. If you truly want to fix these problems then fix your party.
  9. So what your saying is that a Clown can do a better job than Obama. America is doing better than it has in decades and you jack wagons want to change the direction.
  10. Got a question for ya Barry? If a million Russians were trying to escape mother Russia and wanted to come to the USA and vote for Trump, would that be ok?
  11. Love and War in Plan has good food and live Outlaw country music. https://www.loveandwarintexas.com/music/
  12. And has done more in 2 years than Barry could do in 8. I can understand that some do not like his abrasiveness but he calls a spade a spade. And is putting America first. I wish a Democrat could tell me why they do not want to see America be on top again.
  13. Let's see he has the highest rating of all talk radio with 15.5 million listeners. Has a net worth of about $600 million. And he has the best job in the world making money talking about Democrats!
  14. Didn't same poll say Hillary by a landslide. Just saying.....
  15. Did not really answer the questions. But here should be an easy one for you. What has Trump done worse than Obama for our country?
  16. Good question? Why spend millions of dollars on Russian collusion? Why does Obama take credit for economy when he said himself it would take a magic wand? Why is Hillary not in jail? Why does google have algorithms to support the democrats? Why does Facebook algorithms favor Dems? Why does the media only show one side of the story? Answer: Because sheep like you will believe anything they tell you. It boggles my mind why anyone would want to fix the direction we are headed. Business are thriving, unemployment lowest ever in almost all groups. Wages are increasing. Business's returning to America. More money being giving to charities and groups to help those in need.
  17. So you are saying that this problem did not exist before Trump? 99 percent was just made up from the right-wing talk shows and internet? For a second I thought we could have a rational discussion but you prove stereo types are correct in this instance.
  18. Good to see you are taking a fair and balanced approach to where you get your news. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/daily-kos/
  19. Got an autographed football from Walt. Had to ask him to move his table so I could drive my first truck I bought off the show room floor in Denton, TX.
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