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    He isn’t very good either.
  2. No I have a realistic view of the world. You just can’t handle being told the reality of it. You’ve lived your entire life thinking you’re better. When your sad little world view is shook you lose your mind. Ah is that how you disassociate with the klan? Try pointing the finger elsewhere? Sad.
  3. Not racist in the slightest. I don’t think all whites people are bad. Some are ignorant and where their bed sheets though.
  4. No hillbilly has ever fought over false land claims, am I right?
  5. At least you could make out what was meant. What you said on the other hand was some backwoods Boomhauer talk.
  6. You’re definitely the maga guy who yells at Native Americans to go back to their country.
  7. Poor little man just being defensive now. Must #### to be that stupid.
  8. Meant beefs. But that would likely go over your head. Yeah very limited world view. Even the hillbillies where you’re from fight over turf when they don’t own anything.
  9. There is a massive difference between the motives of the two. Gang violence is mostly done in retaliation towards specific targets. Drugs trades gone bad, beers, turf war. The other is a guy driving 10 hours and shooting people at random. Or a guy entering a high school in New Mexico to shoot random teenage kids he’s never met before. Or a mad man shooting up an elementary school.
  10. False. I mentioned a crime stat that you got hurt about. Then you spoke gibberish. You’re the type of maga guy to go yell at Native Americans to go back where the came from.
  11. Of trying to look the other direction. yall will blame every other group for crimes, drugs, murders, rapes. But once white people get blamed for any of that y’all lose your collective minds.
  12. Can’t even speak Spanish right either.
  13. But you’ll excuse one and jump on the other. You’re trying to hard. Yall love to point fingers but will never accept blame.
  14. Oh you are full on party narrative. Sad really. But yeah you’re trying to equate gang violence to a mad man entering an elementary school and gunning down innocent children.
  15. Did your feelings get hurt? I’m not black. Try again.
  16. Oh so you’re creating a false equivalency. Got it. I don’t support that movement. So try elsewhere.
  17. In a single drive by? Show me the drive by that killed 26 kids, or the drive by that killed 70 plus people. I’ll wait. In El Paso a mother died while shielding her baby from gun fire. Guess you don’t recognize sandy hook as real?
  18. Tell us about Las Vegas, El Paso, sandy hook, aurora.. just to name a few
  19. No like overall. Out of all of them over decades they are. Also have a higher murder count of mass shootings. Thats probably where that little poster is misguiding it’s readers. Anything to feel better though, right?
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