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  1. Sleep on SA all you, want, might not win state but wait till you see their backfield.
  2. San Augustine vs Center. Use to be a war, 18 miles apart. Center had an upperhand in most of the football games in the 60s 70s 80s , wish they would have played each other tje last 10 years. SA would have been a good matchup vs Center. Miss them days.
  3. Imo the best unis around east texas regardless of Class are the Tatum eagles. In from San Augustine. but i love their colors and helmets
  4. SA. Will still be tough.Maybe not as good as years past. But they have a heck of a rb coming back. Ands tons of speed again.
  5. Saw Teagle in hs. Was a kid but he was a Monster. Broaddus destroyed teams from way bigger schools. During that time as well.
  6. Well i will say this. SA. Always had the athletes even in the 70s and 80s. Just didnt have the coaching. heck I remember being in a district with Newton Crockett Diboll kirbyville and Woodville. Every town said That SA should be a state contender every year. This group has coaching and that to me is the difference in this team
  7. After much thinking I predict SA 48 Groveton 28. Think it will be closer than last time just think The Wolves will be hard to stop on offense.
  8. Cisco to class 2a. That is a beast of a team.
  9. Eagleborn shows your lack of knowledge. He lives in SA. All his life. Went to school in Center. I know his family well. Btw hes a good player but idk about the best. SA has alot of play makers..
  10. Gameday. Rams go home Indians have a rematch with SA next weekend at SFA. Mark it down. The pick of the day.
  11. Aint anyone in this region beating SA. Man. Get off the gas.
  12. Yes. SA and Groveton are good. Groveton can pass it alot. They have a good offense SA will be a lil mad about giving up 44 pts see that defense fired up next week
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