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  1. Going to be long year for the Rabbs. I was thinking 5-5, but doesn’t look it’s going to happen. Defenses stacking the box knowing what the Rabbs weakness. I wouldn’t be shocked if they go 0-10!
  2. Rabbs run out of energy second half and LE pulls away.
  3. You can throw the slogan, “America’s Team”, out the window when the kneel in my book. No longer deserved to be called that. Just a bunch of millionaire entertainers!
  4. Rabbs are going to struggle to get a win this year.
  5. Wow, never would have expected Pewitt to roll Rabbs like this. Atlanta’s defense is as bad as years past. Can’t remember the last time Rabbs had a defense that could stop another team.
  6. Girls track will miss him. Great track coach!
  7. Athens League shutdown a few weeks into the season.
  8. Cowboys pulled off a great draft, IMO. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out under new coaching staff. Pray the virus is over soon and everything can go back to normal. Missing baseball is torture enough, but missing football would be horrific.
  9. Philly selects Hurts doesn’t make much sense.
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