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  1. I don’t see Atlanta in top 4. No proven QB!
  2. The players are completely different from when Harris played. Didn’t see players swapping jerseys after a game back in Harris’s day. It’s just a different breed of players now!
  3. I just can’t see Dallas signing Brady. Why would you tie up that kind of money on a player that is on the downhill? Sure Brady gives you one year, but is Dallas good enough on the defensive side of the ball to take the gamble? I just don’t see it!
  4. Dallas has to have help at Safety. I can’t remember the last great safety Dallas had. Either get one in free agency or the draft.
  5. Watched a little bit of the games. Wish the offenses were better, but it was the first game. Going to try to go see Dallas play.
  6. I believe, barring injuries, Bears win this district easily. 2, 3 and 4 is up for grabs!
  7. Just read article where Whittington is moving back to receiver. Really looking forward to a healthy Whittington returning to the field, whether it be RB or Rec!
  8. Who is ready for baseball to start? Looking forward to new stadium.
  9. Get out of this gauntlet injury free, bears should be well prepared for district play.
  10. Gladewater should win this district. Atlanta will be chasing the final playoff spot. Atlanta has to improve QB play or it’s another 5-5 or worse!
  11. LaPoyner is a fun team to watch. For a smaller school, they get up and down the court. Can play with some of the bigger schools. Won the Athens tournament.
  12. Unbelievable! I wonder how much tax payers paid when Super Bowl was in Arlington, not as much as Miami, I hope?
  13. Judge dropped house arrest and removed ankle bracelet. AB can now find a job!
  14. Glad he kept Leon Lett. Let’s get the McCarthy era started. Looking forward to free agency and the draft.
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