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  1. Texas is sucking it up against the stepping stone of the SEC. Shows they are not ready for the SEC!
  2. I remember Tony B. when he played football at Queen City. I worked with his dad back in the day, too!
  3. Great season Tatum. No doubt, a return to San Antonio next season looks great!
  4. They don’t have a school. They have a house where all the kids recruited for basketball live.......
  5. I don’t wear a mask unless I go into a doctors office, where they enforce it, and can’t remember the last time I wore one in a grocery store. Since I have received the vaccination, I shouldn’t need it. Waiting on Fauci to tell me what to do next!!!!!
  6. I live in Athens and can’t wait until Sunday. The stinch of the Tatum ****birds will be out of here!
  7. Glad I got a stir out of the Tatum ****bird faithful. Good luck in San Antonio!
  8. Saw some of the Tatum faithful rolling into Athens. It seemed the air quality got worse!
  9. Even if he were to leave, ATL would never pay the price. Stuck with MCClure for another year or longer, unfortunately!
  10. Hoping Tatum will pull off the upset. Tough round 2 draw though!
  11. PappyO is correct in saying the Atlanta coach will be around another year, sad to say. His son will be a senior next year and I just don’t think Atlanta will make a change. Atlanta has been down a few years now and several thought moving to 3A would help, but it didn’t. Probably going to be a same ole, same ole season next year!
  12. Going to be long year for the Rabbs. I was thinking 5-5, but doesn’t look it’s going to happen. Defenses stacking the box knowing what the Rabbs weakness. I wouldn’t be shocked if they go 0-10!
  13. Rabbs run out of energy second half and LE pulls away.
  14. You can throw the slogan, “America’s Team”, out the window when the kneel in my book. No longer deserved to be called that. Just a bunch of millionaire entertainers!
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