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  1. GW wins by 14 then proceeds to the 5th round. Go Bears represent #BeastTexas
  2. Speed, Size, Strength, Had a mean stiff arm. Carr was a man among boys. Definitely fun to watch when we aren’t the opposing team.
  3. Yea people say that but I don’t remember ever losing to a team we already beat
  4. GW by 14+ Bears defense puts on a show tonight and leads them to round 3
  5. Idk the stats but listening to the game it sounded like they didn’t give black the ball as much as usual. They seemed to have passed a little more.
  6. Pretty sure he is Jefferson’s leading tackler. At least I think that’s what the guy on the radio said during the game. Jefferson will have to play there best game of the year. Can’t hold any card in the deck. I’m sure Jeffy coach knows this and I’m sure a couple trick plays will be added. Let’s go district 7!!!
  7. That’s why #24 is so important. You have to load the box against him so the pass plays are usually 1 on 1
  8. Carr was a BEAST! Big fast strong blocked well. Definitely a game changer type player for sure.
  9. Jefferson will have the best RB West Rusk has seen all year. Black is a BEAST and don’t let his size fool you. He can lay the hat if needed and has speed to spare. Most impressive thing about Black is his vision. It’s on a different level
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