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  1. Congratulations to Coach Meeks! He has great things ahead of him, and he and his family will definitely be missed here in Alto! I am praying for our committee that will be going through the process of finding us a new coach! I am very hopeful that we will have lots of applicants and will find the perfect fit. Can’t wait for football season!!
  2. Covid sure is convenient for loser schools who are afraid to play
  3. Good, hard fought, clean game on both ends!! Thank you for keeping our people updated Ripper!! We looked like a whole lot better this week. Those boys and coaches have worked their butts off!! Good luck the rest of the year Carlisle!!
  4. Oh my! This is so nice!! We actually found a couple tickets for me and my other brother! Thank you so much though!
  5. I miss my friend extra this time of year. He sure did love football!! Cam was so kind-spirited and sweet. He was a hard worker, a great friend, and above all, a believer who put God first. I remember the night often, and though most of it is a blur, I remember the love and prayers that flooded across East Texas and the whole nation. I will never think of Carlisle without thinking of Cam. Thank you all for lifting us up and for always keeping it a good, clean game. We appreciate the Indians more than you know! #swarmforever1
  6. If any of my Alto peeps wanna come sit on the tail gate with me, come on!!
  7. I’ve been a regular since I was born and even though there’s a ticket limit I will be sitting in the parking lot to hear my brother’s name over the loud speaker!! No one can kick me out of the parking lot Let’s go JACKETS!!
  8. I was glad when I heard Joe beat ole Shelbyville. Been waiting all season to whoop up on Joaquin When y’all are still wondering why your bottoms hurt so bad on Saturday, check and make sure you pulled all of the stinger out of ya Friday can’t come soon enough
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