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  1. Only Alllto can really bring the heat in #### talking. There’s only 1 true hardcore Timpson fan on here and like 6 Joaquin fans and it’s honestly hard to manufacture the #### talk. Truth be told the schools don’t have any bad blood at all. And any other Friday would be rooting for the other. Now Alllto and Joaquin that rivalry was not manufactured. The two towns really want to get after each other. And Alllto has a lot of fans
  2. I think Timpson wins district championship, and Joe beats them in playoffs. I could see that playing out
  3. “Just a friendly reminder that San Augustine was the regional champs 3 years In a row guys” —-Some SA guy probably
  4. All I’m saying is both Timpson and Joaquin’s whataburger is Overpriced hot garbage Joaquin doesn’t have a police force but somehow it’s better than Timpsons (and tenahas) trash a$$ ticket writers. Timpsons rancho is better than Joaquin’s I think everyone can agree there.
  5. I’ll quote Bubba Courtney, “Joaquin is the hardest hitting team I ever played in high school.” His kinfolk is bout to find that out Friday as well. Joe might not have a ton of playoff wins but Joe has also had a ton of suuuuper undersized teams. A few years ago the average height of everyone was I swear 5’2” Joe will knock the dust off that a$$ if you ain’t ready
  6. Everyone knows you are lying now. This is the part where we all come to agreements that we have the hottest women in the county. Then the next part is how everyone says that they know about Joaquin women “wink wink” But then everyone knows they are lying because Joaquin women only like rich dudes from Houston
  7. Someone said he’s kin to bubba Courtney so that’s all you need to know. Them Courtney’s play ball. Bet Beckville is sad he’s not over there. Yea I watch some clips and Timpson has a nice wide receiver that plays safety I believe and he’s very good. To me he’s the X factor in this game. I don’t think Timpson will find a ton of success running. But passing should be open for them
  8. Where’s that cocky San Augustine guy that has crowed on and on about SA for the last few years? He likes fair weather? There were 2 main ones and one of them was sort of a jerk. Hi Jerk SA guy. Your team looks real nice in, what, 5th place? Fits real nicely on y’all, you should wear it more often
  9. We have left over fried crow from the Alllto whooping last year. You can have some, I hear it’s delicious but we haven’t tasted it. It’s something they really enjoy.
  10. On a serious note: What are the chances one of these two teams represents the region? What are the odds they rematch?
  11. We usually cook it up and deal it out. But I will say Timpson is the last team to serve it to us. We are hospitable so we have a mess load to give em
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