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  1. Dang I wish I would have made this one. Sounds like region 3 goes through Timpson this year boys
  2. I’ll be at this one. Rematch 17 years in the making
  3. Let’s go Dawgs! Keep us posted
  4. Is this gonna be streamed anywhere? Anyone gonna give updates?
  5. I expected it. Did Normangee play tonight? I’m predicting Timpson Vs Normangee for the Region. Im going to make a bold prediction that this will be the last L the Rams take for a long long time. They will be very very good the next several years.
  6. Yep there’s that route we all knew would happen
  7. Will the Rams get angry after that 63-0 stomping or will they go through the motions. We’ll know soon. If they lace up and have zero turnovers and stomped Carlisle they may be able to take on Normangee
  8. Joaquin wins in a mediocre game. Winner of this goes home next week against Normangee. I’m predicting next week will be the last Joaquin loss for 2 years. Bold claim I know. But I think this young team is going to be monsters next year. In my opinion they actually outperformed this year. Carlisle Vs Ol Joe is always good let’s hope this is no exception. If Joaquin doesn’t fumble once and blows Carlisle out I may walk back my statement about Normangee winning next week. We’ll see
  9. I tuned out after the first score of the second half. Someone asked me what I thought happened to Joaquin tonight and I told them simply they ran into a better football team that also wanted it more. I think ultimately this will be a lot of fuel for the fire for Joe over the off season. That loss ain’t gonna sit well. That was a massacre. Joaquin ain’t been beer like that since......the 90s Flashbacks!
  10. Joaquin’s offense isn’t built to score fast. This is gonna be a gut check. They can either roll over or fight
  11. Duuuuude Bears are destroying Joe. It’s an absolute massacre. Timpson 10-0 district champs incoming.
  12. Can someone please post a link of the stream when it’s time for us lazy technology impaired people
  13. Hey didn’t Joaquin get the memo that this is their rebuild year!!??
  14. Only Alllto can really bring the heat in #### talking. There’s only 1 true hardcore Timpson fan on here and like 6 Joaquin fans and it’s honestly hard to manufacture the #### talk. Truth be told the schools don’t have any bad blood at all. And any other Friday would be rooting for the other. Now Alllto and Joaquin that rivalry was not manufactured. The two towns really want to get after each other. And Alllto has a lot of fans
  15. I think Timpson wins district championship, and Joe beats them in playoffs. I could see that playing out
  16. “Just a friendly reminder that San Augustine was the regional champs 3 years In a row guys” —-Some SA guy probably
  17. All I’m saying is both Timpson and Joaquin’s whataburger is Overpriced hot garbage Joaquin doesn’t have a police force but somehow it’s better than Timpsons (and tenahas) trash a$$ ticket writers. Timpsons rancho is better than Joaquin’s I think everyone can agree there.
  18. I’ll quote Bubba Courtney, “Joaquin is the hardest hitting team I ever played in high school.” His kinfolk is bout to find that out Friday as well. Joe might not have a ton of playoff wins but Joe has also had a ton of suuuuper undersized teams. A few years ago the average height of everyone was I swear 5’2” Joe will knock the dust off that a$$ if you ain’t ready
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